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BBC on Global Dimming, Greenhouse Effect

The BBC reports that the amount of solar energy reaching the Earth’s surface has declined significantly between the 1950s and the 1990s, apparently due to particulate air pollution. Scientists are worried that this global dimming may be disrupting the pattern of the world’s rainfall. Most alarmingly, it may have led us to greatly underestimate the greenhouse effect: with particulate pollution being brought under control, a global temperature rise of 10 degrees Celsius by 2100 could be on the cards, rendering many parts of the world uninhabitable.

Well, when I said a few months ago that I will buy land and build a house in Greenland, many people laughed. Laugh it up fussballs! My children and grandchildren will grow up in a healthier place than yours!

Truth hurts

Management consultant William Fried told eighth-graders at Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School on Tuesday that stripping and exotic dancing can pay $250,000 or more per year, depending on their bust size. The principal of a Palo Alto middle school may not invite the popular speaker back to an annual career day again after this.

Are teachers and families still that dumb? The guy didn’t lie. Stripping might indeed bring more money than a top of the line engineer. Surely, it’s not the kind of profession you want to brag about, neither it will make sosiety better. But it surely brings a lot of money in, with fewer risks than being a drug dealer or a gun seller and fewer economic risks than becoming an enterpreuner.

So, the guy is being bullied for telling the truth… If these pouritan people want to bully someone, then they should educate kids to never go to strip clubs when they are older. Then, there would not be a need for strip dancers. But today, it seems there is and the guy did a good job telling these kids that stripping can bring lots of money in.

Why don’t I do it then? Because it’s not in my character and because I don’t have the body for it. But there are women who don’t mind doing it and so if that’s ok with them, it’s ok with me too. I don’t approve of the profession, but I don’t disapprove either as long as it is safe, clean, strictly professional and it doesn’t involve prostitution.