The price of handling and shipping

My younger brother has no usable PC in Greece. I have already given him my old AMD 300 Mhz K6, 128 MB RAM laptop, but that’s at the end of its life (makes weird noises) and since my bro re-instaled Win98 its modem stopped working (driver installed and all, according to him).

Anyways, we have here this AMD Duron 1.2 GHz, 392 MB RAM that I wanted to send him that’s got Linux on it (my brother would put XP on it anyway), but thing is, the shipping costs almost more than this PC itself! It just doesn’t worth it to ship a mini-tower to Greece (no monitor)…

So, my little bro shaved off 500 Euro to buy a new one. And this breaks my heart because I know that he doesn’t have much money (he’s between jobs, and he has to put money aside for his wedding next year) while I am sitting on a pile of 14 computers over here that are mostly unused. I wish I had an easier way to send one. 🙁

Darn far away land!

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