Before I move to Linux….

I have learned using Linux pretty well the last few years (using Linux on and off since 1998), but if I am to switch from Windows XP (which I must say it’s very stable and does what I want to do), I need the following, in this order:

1. A *reliable* graphical FTP client. gFTP is buggy and it’s not maintained anymore, Nautilus vfs doesn’t cut it, and KBear looks like ass.

2. Windows Media & QuickTime. Sorry, but I need my regular dosage of movie trailers. Real Player works on Linux, but I need QT and WMV/WMA too (and don’t suggest the windows-codecs package for use with VLC/Xine/Mplayer and their browser plugins, these are a joke, they hardly work with what’s out there).

3. Video support for AIM/iChat, Y! & MSN. I have three webcams here, I gotta use them.

4. Better PalmOS and PocketPC synchronization software that work with the latest models and software (I got a new Clie). More compatible Bluetooth clients for use with smartphones wouldn’t be bad either.

5. A good home video editor. Kino is close, but still not there yet, plus it’s easily crashable.

6. A simpler interface for Gimp. Something like PaintShopPro’s. Trying to do some basic image editing with Gimp is a nightmare. PSP’s (and even Photoshop’s) interface are extremely intuitive, Gimp’s is simply not.

That’s it.

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