wireless modem router

Last night I tried to find a wireless 56k modem router device. There is NONE available. I wonder why.

The only ones I found are Best Data’s 56k modem router which is unfortunately not wireless, and Apple’s middle range AirPort Extreme Base Station (model M8799LL/A) which does what I need but it is hideously expensive ($250) because it is also an ethernet router for 802.11g (which I don’t need).

I just need a $50 wireless 56k modem router to use in Greece when I am there (there’s no DSL in my parent’s region and there are 3 people in the house who want to use Internet). I don’t need 802.11g (b will be enough) and I don’t need ethernet.

And there’s none such product! Yes, I could put together a Linux firewall/router distro on an old PC, but this is hardly elegant to configure its firewall or how to connect exactly, it has a learning curve (my bro doesn’t use linux), it is expensive to move a full PC in Greece from US, plus it will be as expensive as the airport base station at the end –if not more.

I wonder why no one created such a product.

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