Archive for December 24th, 2003

can’t phone Greece

On another note, I can’t phone my family in Greece to wish them merry christmas. All the lines to Greece are busy. 🙁

A big turkey

My husband’s family are all here, 7 people in our 2-bedroom apartment. 😉 They were pretty tired from the trip last night so we didn’t have a huge dinner.

I am currently cooking a big turkey. It is my first cooking of the whole bird (of course I have cooked parts in the past), let’s hope it will be done ok. I am having some ideas for some gravy too.

Our first plate will be smoked salmon with lemon, second the turkey with whole mushrooms & greek style oven potatoes and gravy. Then some green salad (french people don’t have the salad in the begining of the meal usually), then some cheeze and then the Black Forest cake.

I am sure it will be a delightful Christmas lunch. 🙂