Voodoo5, RIP

It was nice to know you my beloved 3Dfx Voodoo5 64 MB AGP card. You served me well for 2.5 years now! Even if I had to purchase an longer IDE cable because you were so long that the standard IDE cables couldn’t get around you to connect to the drives…

Nevertheless, I decided to retire the Voodoo5 card and revert to a Matrox G400-MAX (dual monitor) 32 MB AGP card because the Voodoo simply can’t handle well the 1600×1200 at 85 Hz. At 75 Hz there is no problem, the card can do it, but at 85 it is really at its limit and you can see blurred fonts and other artifacts. The Matrox cards were always better on 2D, hence the change. Now, I am typing this on a 1600x1200x85Hz crispy clear desktop. 🙂

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