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Aliens. Even the NYTimes wrote about the Pentagon research on the UFOs. Since then, the MIT, military news sites, and other respectable news outlets reported about it. There are so many theories abound as to who “they” are:

  • People from other planets
  • Us, from the future
  • Our ancestors
  • AI, self-replicating drones
  • Interdimensional beings
  • Angels
  • Demons

What’s the correct answer?

It’s my opinion that it’s ALL of the above, depending on your point of view. Just like the Indian proverb with the elephant, where everyone sees part of the picture, but not the whole picture.

These are beings beyond our spacetime that are ultra-connected AI-like and more ethereal than us, physical beings. What do they want with us? Well, they are us and we are them. They’re our tech support. We “incarnate” as humans in this simulation-like reality, to gain individual experience while severely limited in our perception (for maximum effect), that after “death” we share with our collective. We all evolve that way. We go “down” to physicality, so we can evolve “up”. The name of the game is always evolution. Existence is all about novel experiences, if we stop having them, we stagnate, and the universe naturally gets rid of us. So, constant evolution via all means necessary is a must, and that also means incarnating into supposedly “lower”, meat bodies. So we are not alone. The angels (or demons) of the past, saints, miracles, our spirit guides, aliens, fairies, goblins, Sasquatch etc etc, it’s nothing but THEM in disguise, our tech support, making sure that we stay on a certain life path & plan.

As for the reported genetic experiments and hybrids via alien abductions, these are occasionally necessary to upgrade the human species, when it has reached a point where intellectual and technological activity requires more broad understanding of the repercussions. It’s an upgrade. Go with it and stop whining about anal probes. It must be done, you’re doing a service, and you’ve agreed to it before coming to this life anyway.

After 30 years of research on the subject (after seeing a UFO in the early ’90s, or ’89 — can’t remember exactly when it was), I went through many stages to my understanding of it all. I started with the “nuts & bolts” theory, which is that these are “people from another planet”, a theory that over the past 70 years after the Roswell crash has gone nowhere. I only started connecting the dots around 2014 between the so-called paranormal (no such thing btw, it’s just our limited understanding of physics), religious visions, and psychedelic reports, and their extreme similarities to the UFO cases. It sparked a different level of understanding of the phenomenon in me. I concluded that it’s ONE AND THE SAME phenomenon. Wherever it originates from, it comes from the same place. And we’re connected to it, in a symbiotic manner.

After I realized all that, there was no mystique about it anymore. It was a much more pedestrian (==natural) phenomenon than I thought it was all the years prior. So, nothing to see there, move along. Live your life. You came to life for a reason, probably not to hunt lights in the sky, or to whine on forums about your scary abduction. You can’t stop them anyway. So let them do their job, and do yours. Simple.


It’s possible that for the next 3-4 years I might do illustration. I started on February, and so far I have averaged more than 1 painting per day (using gouache and watercolor). I get bored of things easily though, which is why I always changed my profession every 5 years or so. I’m just bored to death in general from life on this planet.