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TheoCosmology v1.0


Let me start by saying outright that I’m not a cosmologist or a physicist. I’m an artist. As such, all I have to get me going is my imagination. So I present nothing more, or less than just that.

The question

I’ve searched long and hard on both science and mystical religions to find out more about the universe and God. Buddhism, Kabbalah and New Age spirituality got me closer to understand this “consciousness” that exists behind all this infinite possibility, that most people call “God”. They claim that One is All, and All is One. Science on the other hand, gave me a more concrete, rational picture of the laws that govern the universe we live in, and offered hypothesis about other universes too.

In my personal view, spirituality and science don’t collide. It’s just that we’re neither spiritually or scientifically evolved-enough to see some of the connections.

However, neither spirituality, nor science, was able to give me any answer to my question: “why?“. Why did creation of this or other universes happens at all? Is it some random act of cosmic chance? Is it God doing some art or math for the fun of it? Is God trying to “experience itself”, as newer schools of spiritual thought suggest?

But the question again is “why”. Why does God want to have fun? Why God wants to even experience itself? And why something random could happen on such a cosmic scale?

So this question of “why” kept coming back to my mind for weeks now. Last night, while watching a very nice speech by a Kabbalah rabbi, he said something that set off in my head a series of thoughts that helped me put together this theory. He said: “we don’t know why God created the universe, we can’t be in the mind of God“.

And then it hit me.

What if this is exactly where we are situated? In the very “mind” and “brains” of God?

A potential answer

Step 1:

Picture this universe of our own, living in its own container box. The box is just a visualization to make this theory more comprehensible.

Now picture that in this universe there are infinite number of dimensions or densities, most of them, invisible to us. In spiritual teachings, these are called vibrations, or frequencies.

Now picture that this universe generates an infinite number of parallel universes, based on our own, branching out in every cosmic moment. Modern quantum physics call this phenomena “many-worlds interpretation”, which manifests when there’s an interaction at quantum level. Each of these parallel universes also branches out the set of dimensions/densities as well when they clone-out.

All of these (almost?) infinite “planes of existence” exist in the same box, it’s just that they’re invisible to each other.

Step 2:

Now picture the Multiverse theory, which says that next to our own universe box with everything it contains, there are an (almost?) infinite number of other universe boxes, which are completely different than that of our own. Even their natural laws could be different.

Each one of these universe boxes, have their own dimensions, densities, and parallel universes, which also extends them almost infinitely inside their own box.

So now picture all these infinite amount of universe boxes that could exist, situated next to each other. It extends forever up and down, and it looks like a matrix, doesn’t it?

Step 3:

Each one of these universes is evolving. There are epochs where they are just made of gases, then they have solid matter, then have mostly dark energy etc. During these epochs, its own natural laws might shift a bit, as itself (and all of their parallel universe branches, independently) evolve. In the same way, galaxies and planets within, also evolve, in some abstract way.

According to a new theory, each universe expands up to a point, and then it stops doing so. During the time of its life, the universe generates more energy (gravity does, in a sense). But as time goes by, mass becomes heavier, because gravity becomes increased (as this new theory also predicts).

In my opinion, gravity is nothing but a force generated by the “weight” of all other parallel universes and densities living in the same box space as we are. As more and more parallel universes are created (with planets & galaxies often manifesting on the same coordinates within the box), each one adds a tiny bit of “felt” weight in the box.

Eventually, after a few billion years of universe life, the universe collapses onto itself because of the immense gravity generated inside that “box”. It’s possible that the “matter” of that universe gets recycled afterwards. More on all this later.

Step 4:

Let’s have an intermission here, using some spiritual ideas for a moment that will come handy in the overall theory.

I was never taught real religion at school. The version of religion I was taught, is the same type of “pop” religion that 99.9% of the religious population gets taught too: nice little moral stories of deities or prophets doing some miraculous stuff, and a judgmental God that generates fear. Each one of these religions tell these stories a little bit differently. Wars have been fought over that, millions of lives perished.

What I found though, when I did my own research on the field of spirituality and mysticism (which I separate from “religion”) is that there is no true division between these traditions! From Sufism to Judaism and from Buddhism to Zen, Hinduism and now New Age, the mystical parts of these traditions are 95% in agreement! You will have to understand my surprise to learn that Kabbalah (an Abrahamic tradition) believes in reincarnation! I could not believe my eyes when I read that!

First it was surprise, but then it was anger. Why the heck was I never taught about the true essence of these philosophies at high school? Why was I subjected to silly little stories of “pop” religion instead? But that’s an article for another time.

So basically, what I found is that these traditions agree on all the main points of “what’s really is going on”:
– We are all One.
– We, ourselves are too what folks call “God”. Others call it “Source” or “Supreme Being”.
– We are Creator Beings. Whatever we think, it manifests. Either in this reality, or as a parallel universe branch-off. And more.
– Lose the Ego, and you will unite with Everything.
– There are other dimensions/densities (“realms”) within our own universe.
– There are carrier waves and portals everywhere in the universe (wormholes).
– The chakra points can do a lot of things, including instantly transport you to other realms or places within the “box”.
– The meaning of life is life itself! To experience, to learn, to be happy! To live with the goodness of your own heart as a moral compass, is the same thing as “serving God”. You need no preachers or laws to know right from wrong. You’re your own compass.
– The “soul” is nothing but a small part of God’s conscious energy, gifted to you. Our essence is made of God, and so we’re always connected to the Source.
– God’s essence is Love. There is no “good and evil” or duality in its realm.
– We and everything else in this box are here in order to learn and evolve. This includes inanimate things, not just biological ones.

This last point is important. Evolving means doing something that hasn’t been done before. And I believe that this is what Source is after from all these universes it spins off in every moment of its Existence: Novelty.

Step 5:

Remember that God is after novelty. Also remember that we, ourselves are Creator Beings. We and everything else are connected to Source at all times, exchanging information with it at every level.

The only way for God to achieve creation and novelty in its vast multi-dimensional matrix of “boxes”, is by mixing and matching every little detail that manifests in a universe (and/or its parallel universes) with at least one of the other universes that are.

Bam! A new universe was just created!

The new universe was created either on a new box, or by occupying the “space” of a “dead” universe that had collapsed itself earlier. The new universe has traits that no other universe ever had (novelty). It’s the embodiment of evolution of some, or all of the universes that ever existed before it. The data of this new universe flow withing the matrix structure immediately, and as the new universe creates novelty, and it mixes and matches, even newer universes are created. And this repeats forever and ever, ad infinitum.

Prime Creator said to these extensions of itself, “Go out and create and bring all things back to me.” — (supposedly) Pleiadian scripture

Step 6:

What all this means is that God itself, the Source, evolves. Not accepting that God evolves, is like thinking that God is “static”, and that’s like calling it “dead”. It surely isn’t dead, in fact, God is the very definition of Life. Sure, it is All that ever Was, Is, and ever Will Be, since there’s no time from its point of view. However, from our point of view in linear space/time, it evolves. God is essentially Perfect, but Incomplete from our limited standpoint (since in our own time of reference, it hasn’t exhausted all possibilities and combinations just yet).

So far, I think all this takes care of the explanation of how things work in general terms on my theory. The following is my proposed “why”.

Step 7:

Now picture that immense, infinite, multi-dimensional matrix of universe “boxes”, full of light. Now imagine a universe box collapsing onto itself, it has reached its end of life. The box transmits its last data, sends its matter to recycle, and it goes dark.

Matrix of Universe Boxes

Since we’re talking about immensely many universe boxes, and a “time” where the life of a whole universe feels like a nanosecond, now imagine this whole matrix of boxes lighting ON and OFF real fast, seemingly at a random order.

What does this picture of on/off screens reminds you of?

Exactly! A computer! Or a biological brain! If you want to call that ON/OFF signal “bits” or “neurons”, is up to you! The point is: WE (everything in every universe) are making God able to THINK.

So not only we put ideas into “his head”, not only we are these ideas, not only it experiences them through us, but we provide this Entity its very Consciousness.

“God is consciousness” mystics say. “Science must take consciousness into account” a Stanford professor suggests.

Step 8:

And it goes further than that. Not only God is a Mind (Consciousness) that evolves, but it also generates more energy than the energy it originally put into creating a new Universe box. During the life of a Universe box, its increasing gravity creates energy.

In other words, God is a perpetual Entity, in every conceivable way possibly. It grows in every conceivable way possibly (intellectually, energetically etc). We are part of it, and it’s part of us. We are One and yet, at times, we have to take part in the illusion of Separation through the manifestation of these “materialized” Universes, in order to allow both to grow. It’s a symbiotic relationship with ourself!


So this is my explanation of the “why” creation(s) happened. In its most fundamental level, it’s because of self-preservation. If the seeds of creation didn’t exist in God’s virgin, original version, this Entity would not survive (exist). It’s the ultimate law that every living thing follows in our own realm too. As above, so below.

Atheism, Religion and Spirituality

The wars continue on. There are these who say there’s a God, these who say that there isn’t one, and everything in between. I spent many years as a Christian Orthodox, then an Atheist, and now I identify with New Age Spirituality.

The problem with spirituality is that atheists see it as religion, and religious people see it either as atheism, or as something heretic and distorted. However, I don’t consider this type of Spirituality to be a religion. I don’t even consider it strictly a “belief” either, because there’s at least some degree of proof in it. Neither I consider it atheism. To me, it’s just the natural order of things in the universe.

What is Spirituality

To me, Spirituality is like saying that “the keyboard that I type this in right now exists, not because I believe it does, but because it I can see it with my own eyes”. In my opinion, Spirituality exists somewhere in between traditional religion and atheism, and it’s on the opposite site of agnosticism. In short:

Religion: I believe that this keyboard exists. I was told it does, and I have faith that it does.
Atheism: The keyboard doesn’t exist. End of story.
Agnosticism: I don’t know if the keyboard exists or not, there’s no proof of any kind.
Spirituality: The keyboard exists. I can see it with my own eyes, so I have personal proof.

Why it’s not a “traditional” religion

Religion in the modern times seems to be prescribed as anything that is unattainable and mystical. It’s all a mystery. God did this, God did that, God said this or that, you should fear God, you can’t understand God. This is the crux of all “pop” religions, as I call them. Be it Abrahamic religions, or the “pop” versions of Eastern religions, it’s all about fear, silly ritual, and organized endeavors. The few that do get these religions right are usually only monks and mystics. The rest of the population, is simply controlled by religion, they live in fear, and in blind superstition.

Spirituality on the other hand, is freedom. There is no organized cult behind it, and there is no fear. There is no control, or dogmas. There is only one teaching: LOVE. Everything else, is secondary. Spirituality proves to the individual by his/her personal experience that everything is One. That there is a loving consciousness where everything interconnects, making us all part of this same Source Being. Some would call this “God”, and that’s ok. Others could even call it simply, just “everything”. But as I said, Unconditional Love is the main teaching.

Why it’s not atheism

Atheists do not believe that anything apart from themselves and the visible or scientifically-understandable universe exists. While they’re usually open to ideas of parallel universes and such (as proposed by math or quantum physics), the idea they resist the most is that that there’s a God. There are atheists who just in need of proof, and there are atheists simply because they hate what religions have become and they see no point in believing in a ruthless God (nor do I, for that matter).

Obviously, spirituality is not atheism per se, since it accepts that there are realms beyond the visible, and of course, it accepts that a person can attain knowledge that we’re all part of the same Source Being/Consciousness.

Personal proof

The difference with both religion and atheism is that with Spirituality you can have personal proof that God exists. You can feel, and see “God” right in front of your eyes. This is not something that the vast majority of traditionally religious people can claim. Most of these believers live in the dark ages of “blind faith”.

Of course, personal proof is not scientific proof, but that’s just because science hasn’t reached that level yet, being able to detect higher frequencies of Being, which are also full of life. But the point is, that these realms are real enough for the person experiencing them to transform him/her. Why do you need an experiment to tell you that what you see in front of you is real or not? If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. Even if it ends up being a powerful hallucination, it’s real-enough to the person who experienced it. What is “real” anyway? Physics haven’t even answered that yet!

“A human being is a part of a whole, called by us ‘universe’, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest… a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.” — Albert Einstein

How To

Experiences range from astral projection to other planets, to other realms that live in different frequencies, to time travel, to parallel timelines, to different universe bubbles, but the ultimate destination is to be connected with Source. When you do, then all the knowledge of what has ever been, is, and ever will be, is yours (although, you’re not “you” anymore, as you will also experience what is called “ego death” in order to connect with All). While One with the One, you will feel unconditional love for all, a type of divine ecstasy and acceptance that it can’t be felt while on your human body. It’s a type of feeling that is not analogous to the feelings we can experience while in our 3rd density/dimension body.

There are two ways to connect to the Source:
1. The easiest ways are via DMT/Ayahuasca, or high doses of magic mushrooms, LSD, and possibly mescaline (I’d avoid Salvia, it transports you to lower densities instead of higher ones).

The public has been conditioned to believe that these “drugs” produce hallucinations, or that they’re dangerous. I believe that the government is just myopic on that respect. If you start reading DMT trip reports, you will find yourself puzzled about the similarity of reports on the various realms. There is a plethora of aliens or higher beings contacted via DMT, but some have canning similarities between reports. For example, the “machine elfs”, or the beings of Pure Light. The lower astral parasites that feed on your energy, and the “demons” (possibly life forms that simply evolved to ingest life force from souls in order to survive). These drug trips, especially on DMT, look more real than real to the user. With LSD and mushrooms, which are less intense and don’t always transport you to other realms, you can experience telepathy and literally see the fractals that constitute our “holographic reality”.

I mean, it’s surely of wonder how when high on some of these substances you can see an entity flying around your room that you never noticed before, only to have your dog chasing and barking at it at the same time. Makes you wonder.

A small amount of people on hallucinogenics have connected with Source. They don’t always attain its high frequency, most of the time they end up somewhere in the middle of all things. It’s a crapshoot.

2. Meditation. This is the harder way, but also the best way in both astral safety, and navigating through the higher realms, to eventually reach Source. It might take years before you do, but when you do, you’re truly Enlightened, and the connection doesn’t get severed (as it does with hallucinogens, that simply offer a glimpse of what is).


At the end, no matter what I write, atheists will break apart this article picking on words and sentences, and the religious people would do exactly the same thing. But it doesn’t matter. Personal proof is all I need. I need neither our existing (limited) science, nor blind faith. The middle road works for me for now. If anything, I continue to live a type of life that is more akin to an atheist (in terms of not interfering with other people’s freedoms as some Christians/Muslims do). My day to day life hasn’t changed one bit when I became Spiritual. All it changed was the way I viewed the Cosmos. I do not feel alone anymore, there’s life everywhere. I now don’t fear death because I’m Eternal.

Past Life Regression

About fifteen years ago I had a number of past life regression sessions done with a friend of mine. I only touched on the subject on this blog over the years, but never went into describing all of them because of fear of ridicule. Plus, I wasn’t sure I believed these self-hypnosis regression results anyway. I always thought they were fun, be it real or not. I still do not know if they’re real, but soon I will, as specific meditation is able to provide me with such answers.

Anyways, the point is that I’m not afraid anymore to share these stories, so here they are:

– This life: Born in Athens, Greece, 1973. You know parts of this story.

– Previous life: I don’t remember much about that specific regression, only that I was male, probably worked as a watch-maker or something like that. I do remember very clearly my death though: I was in a hospital, in Lyon, France, in the 1930s (I think). I died in peace, possibly with some fever, but this life was all loneliness. I died all alone.

– Pre-previous life: East Coast, USA, in the mid-1800s. I was a female, and I was repressed by my old-fashioned father (same father I have in this life). After becoming an adult, I left home in secret, and moved to Philadelphia, working as a stitcher in a big factory. I met someone whom I fell in love (it felt like this soul is my brother in this current life), but it didn’t go far at that point. Shortly after I met this person, in my mid-20s, I decided to go back to the town I came from, to try and reconcile with the family. A few days later, I found myself abducted at night, thrown into a pit that my father and his brothers had dug, shot, and burned alive.

– 1500s: I was a Spanish seaman, a homosexual male. Very religious too. Had an affair with the captain. I don’t know much about this life, because this came through the regressions of my friend, and not via my own.

– ~1400s: I was a local Duke of some sort (male), somewhere in Europe, with lots of land. This life was overall normal, I seemed to be having everything I needed, except one little thing that was ruining my life: frequent alien abductions by the Greys.

– ~1300s: Italy, female. Very normal life. Grew up, got married, had a few children. Nothing extraordinary to report about this life. I guess that’s what someone could call it as taking a “life vacation”.

– ~30: Israel, female. At the age of 15 I started working as a janitor at the place where the local Roman high command was situated. I fell in love with a young soldier. We were crazy for each other. This soul, I realized years later upon meeting him, it was the soul of my current husband. But soon he was re-posted East, and he had to leave. I never saw him again. So much pain from this separation, that it still breaks my hurt when I remember it. Some time after that, I was extremely unhappy that I missed the visitation of the prophet Yeshua in my town, because I was held back at work. I remember running in the tiny streets of my town to maybe catch a glimpse of him, but to no avail. A few years later, I was a full blown Christian, one of the very first. I was married to the soul that today is my father. I wanted him to be a Christian like I was, and in fact, he DID believe, but he didn’t want to join all this officially because he was afraid of “what other people might say about it”. So our relationship was strained because of this. After many years, I decided to get baptized on a nearby river. The moment the baptism happened, I had an extremely strong feeling of divine acceptance. It felt amazing. One of the purest feelings I have ever felt, that compares to nothing that I have experienced in this current life so far.

Out of known time:

– Male engineer of a new propulsion system of a pyramid-shaped spaceship. This is the only life that I have detailed previously on my blog. The only thing that I wasn’t brave-enough to share was that this place was what we today think of as “Atlantis”. That life was one of my most interesting lives: space exploration and such.

– Male, in another planet. We look lizard-like (walking on two feet though). This planet has darkness on the one side, and sunlight on the other all the time. We live on the dark side. I don’t think we grow up among parents. It’s a totalitarian society. We get educated, we grow up, and we start working. Our only aspiration is that after our life-long service, the State will place us on the light side of the planet, to live leisurely for the remaining of our lives. That’s the promise. We live our lives craving for some sunlight. Before I start working on the job that will take over my life, I fall in love with a female. We have an egg together! Soon after I find myself working on one of the space stations that orbits the planet. We have anti-gravity, but our technology is not very advanced, we are probably just about 100 years ahead of what we’re now on Earth. There, over the course of several years, we meet 2-3 other alien races. We are barred from talking about it, disclosure hasn’t happened yet. I died because of a fire/explosion that happens to the space station at some point. My soul, wandering, then visits the light side of the planet. It is a total desert, and it’s not livable. Everyone that got dumped there has died shortly afterwards. We offered our life-long service to the State over a lie.