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Society6 collage shop

I thought long and hard, so I’m now selling some of my Creative Commons BY and BY-SA collages at I’m not looking into making any money out of these collages, so the prices are as low as possible. I’m just trying to make it convenient for those who don’t own big printers to get access to the pieces they like (if they do).

My original (naive) idea was to make the high-res versions of the collages available to all, so people can then go and print them as posters at minimum expense. But not only people don’t own big printers, but apparently it’s very difficult to find a print shop these days that does photo-quality prints at low prices, or at big sizes. I mean, I found some print shops that ask for $80 to print at the 24″x36″ poster size. Consider that it doesn’t cost the print shop more than $10-$12 to do this job. So buying online at is a bargain comparatively, and a huge convenience (free shipping too). The other advantage of Society6 is that they also do t-shirts, hoodies, pullovers, iPhone, iPod, iPad, and laptop skins.

Alternatively, a 24″ HP printer costs $1100, but that’s overkill for most people.

Of course, the high-res versions of these collages, and Creative Commons licenses that I use will remain. Just because I started selling my artwork for buyer convenience reasons, it doesn’t mean that my artwork is not free for all (including for read-write remixing by other artists, not just for read-only printing). I don’t believe in art as a job, neither I expect to sell anything, to be honest. I never charged a single band that I made a music video for here in the Bay Area either. I do charge, and I have charged, for (what I consider) non-art though.