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My 2012 garden

Some of my plants this year. Unfortunately, my tarragon, sorrel, radishes, cilantro and some others were eaten by slugs just when they sprouted. Hover your mouse over the images to read what kind of plants these are. My crown jewels this year are in the last picture, beets and carrots.

I love omelets!

With that new non-stick frying pan I can make some killer omelets. I usually use oyster mushrooms, but for my brunch today I used chopped sausage in it, and chopped green onions. I fried these in coconut oil. A few minutes later I added a small handful of spinach, a minute later I added two eggs with a a splash of milk (beaten together), and salt & pepper. Then I lifted the edges of the omelet a few times so most liquid gets cooked, while moving the pan in circular motion. Finally, I added blue cheese (soft goat cheese log is also great) on top. As long as the omelet is then left to cook enough underneath (another minute or so), in medium heat, it comes out easily from the pan in one piece (shake the pan forwards and backwards a few times to get the omelet to unstick). Yum!