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Paleo going mainstream

Wow! As much as I can’t stand Bill O’Reilly, he got it right about the no-wheat diet on his show. If that was not enough, had an article today that eating like a caveman is the way of the future. Paleo is going mainstream big time, and this is not because it’s a more efficient weight loss diet than calorie restriction (it’s not, at least for me it wasn’t), but because so many people found their health back that it makes them advocate it strongly. I do so too, since I got my life back because of Paleo, and this has put me at odds with people who are not open to the possibility that this is not a fad diet, but rather a cure for many diseases of civilization (from immune, to inflammatory, to hormonal, to mental conditions). I know how this makes us, Paleo advocates, sound crazy to many people who expect science to find a “magic pill” for them to get cured, but I know when I’m right, and I know when to shut up when I’m wrong. This Paleo (+fermented goat/sheep dairy) thing, it fucking works better than any drug (for most situations).

When I decided to go public describing all my health problems on my blog, it was a difficult decision, because admitting publicly and eponymously that I had alopecia, IBS-D, situational depression, and a gazillion other illnesses (I was with one foot to the grave), is not an easy thing. But I thought to myself that if in the process my story helps ONE person in this world, it’s worth all the ridicule I can get. From what I’ve been told, my story helped a number of people. This fills me with joy, it’s a wonderful feeling to know that you helped someone getting healthy again and living their lives to the fullest.

As for the people who don’t necessarily doubt Paleo’s health-healing abilities, but they didn’t follow through with the diet because “giving up grains is too difficult”, then one thing is clear: “you are not desperate enough”. When you get desperate enough, as I was, giving up grains will be the easiest thing in the world.

I will close this admittedly annoying blog post by sharing a little story. September 7th 2011. Just 4 days of Paleo at the time. JBQ and I we are on the plane from Paris to SFO, a full flight. Everyone looks like a zombie on the plane. Babies are crying, parents are pissed off, and everyone is looking so freaking tired. And then it was me. iPod on my ears, volume jacked up, and I’m seriously headbanging. I had more energy than anyone else in that plane, heck, I had more energy than I had in the last 10 years of illness put together! Later, my husband told me: “seeing you in that plane so alive, that was the moment I knew that this diet, at last, would change our lives”.

Twitter calling Facebook. Over!

Title: “Twitter calling Facebook. Over!”
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