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Shapes, #1

Title: “Shapes, #1”
License: Creative Commons BY-SA-NC 3.0/US. Click for a 12″ printable version. Credits in the EXIF metadata.

My favorite surreal collage artists

I’m a collage artist. These are the modern (meaning, contemporary) collage artists that I enjoy the most.

Julien Pacaud (“Negative Numbers”)
This is the man who single-handendly turned me from hating collage, to loving it. When I saw his sci-fi-like works I immediately recognized a certain “narrative” atmosphere. There is always more going on in Pacaud’s depicted surreal worlds than what “a single frame” would let go. Digging deeper, I found that he had studied filmmaking before becoming an illustrator. He’s a master, and very successful in the commercial illustration space.

“The Operator” – Julien Pacaud

Kieron Cropper (“CUR3ES”)
If organized chaos means anything to you, then you will probably like CUR3ES’ works. A feast of colors and shapes, feels alienating at first look, but it’s growing on you fast. He’s my all time favorite visual artist!

“Vacation” by CUR3ES

Jesse Treece (“Collage Art by Jesse”)
If there was a genre called “modern old collages”, Jesse Treece would be the king of it. An artists who knows how to properly marry vintage pictures with very new visual ideas.

“Is this the place that they call paradise?” by Jesse Treece

Ben Giles (“ben///giles”)
Ben Giles is a 20 year old artist from the UK. He has worked on various styles, but I believe there’s a common feeling coming out of all his works: happiness. His collages are the opposite of what we’d call dark, there’s a certain optimism in his works, a feel-good approach.

“Mystery Jets” by Ben Giles

Hugo Barros (“Mesineto”)
Mesineto’s work usually features a central object, which is then cut-up and composed in various ways. Some very interesting ideas emerge from piece to piece. Other times, he goes totally abstract. Mesineto is also known by his alter egos artists, Tareco and Sens.

“Brothers” by Hugo Barros

Bryan Olson (“Glass Planet”)
If CUR3ES had a twin brother, that would be Glass Planet. King of minimalism. Lovely artworks, very mystifying.

“The appointment” by Glass Planet

Laura Red­burn (“CardboardCities”)
Instead of cutting out whole objects and assembling them into a collage, this artist is usually cutting out textures and patterns, then re-shapes them, and finally uses them into her unique collages.

“Double cross the con” by CardboardCities

Beth Hoeckel (“Beth from Above”)
Beth puts the “point of view” theme into perspective, by making sure that the background is grand and spectacular.

“Solar Eclipse” by Beth Hoeckel

– And two of mine, “Amphitrite” and “Elysian Fields”:

UPDATE: A few more great contemporary collage artists that popped up lately:

David Delruelle

Caroline Alkire (“Child of the mountains”)

Alex Coll

Dessi Terzieva

Sarah Eisenlohr

Mariano Peccinetti (“Trasvorder”)


Leigh Smith (“Cosmic Spread”)

Jordan Clark (“Unrad”)

Djuno Tomsni

Picking Up Chicks on Planet Risa

Title: “Picking Up Chicks on Planet Risa”
License: Creative Commons BY-SA-NC 3.0/US. Click for a 12″ printable version. Credits in the EXIF metadata.