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Quantum Exchange with the Fourth Dimension

I’ve been working on this mixed-media three-part illustration for a while now (long before I said I won’t do any more John Maus collages). As I struggled with it, it saw many alterations, then I gave up on the project, picked it back up, and (I think) I finally got it somewhat right. It’s my first triptych artwork, I liked the dynamics between the three pictures when I first saw them. The work is based on the very expressive photographs beautifully shot by Stephan CK at a John Maus live show in The Netherlands.

You can download the 3-part high-res artwork in full here (zip, 18 MB). They should print well up to 24″x36″, if you have access to such a big printer. I bet they would look good on a wall (I might print them myself, my husband liked them too).

Click the image below for a somewhat larger view of the combined work:

Title:Quantum Exchange with the Fourth Dimension” (John Maus triptych artwork)
License: Creative Commons BY-SA-NC 3.0/US (non-commercial). Credits in the EXIF metadata.

Or check a detail: