Kelp noodles are godsend

A few weeks ago I saw at some blog a kelp noodles recipe that looked like real rice noodles, so I went ahead to Whole Foods and bought this brand. It costs about $4, and it’s good for 3-4 servings. They have only 5-6 calories per serving, and only 1 carb too. Kelp has a lot of iodine and many other minerals and enzymes, so it’s one of these Paleo super-foods that you shouldn’t miss. It’s too bad that these things are very difficult to find in other countries though, or in rural America even.

Tonight I stir-fried them with peppers, onion, and a range of shellfish, and they came out amazing! They really taste like real noodles! Here’s the recipe I modified to do my own stir-fry. Two things you need to remember though:
1. Without the suggested bone marrow broth the stir fry will taste like nothing. I added a cup of bone marrow broth to give the noodles the taste they deserve, and to also get that dark yellow color.
2. Do not add much soy sauce (maybe 2 TBspoons — and make sure that’s wheat-free tamari soy sauce). You see, soy is an antagonist to iodine, so you don’t want to be eating kelp in order to get iodine, and on the other hand having soy eradicating it. Broccoli is also an antagonist to iodine btw, but not as much as soy.

Update: I liked it so much that I made some today too, this time with chicken breast, zucchini, pepper, onion and a bit of broccoli.

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