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Paleo Restaurant Menu

The idea of running a restaurant has been in my mind for years and years. Of course, these days these thoughts surround the Paleo diet and its foods. There is only a single Paleo restaurant in the whole world so far (in Germany), while at the same time the Bay Area is full of Paleo dieters. There’s definitely some business opportunity here…

Well, these are the dishes I’d feature in that imaginary Paleo restaurant, trying to cater primarily to Paleo & Primal diets, and secondarily to gluten-free, Atkins, SCD, or other low-carb or ketogenic diets. All foods would be cooked with virgin coconut oil, olive oil when indicated, while the sea salt used would have added iodine in it. Local plant produce, pastured meat, wild-caught fish would be used. All dairy is optional, lactose-free, and mostly goat-based (except grass-fed butter, and lactose-free sour cream which would be cow-based). Wherever sweetening is required, raw & unfiltered local honey is used.

– A grass-fed beef marrow bone, served hot with salted radishes
– Garlic & herb-roasted chicken wings
– Kale chips (oven roasted with olive oil, salt)
– Guacamole, served with endive leaves
– Mixed greens salad with bacon, apple, walnuts, olive oil vinaigrette
– Three separate tapenade: Olive, eggplant, and red pepper, served with almond-flax crackers
– Home-made honey/tamari-cured beef jerky
– Chicken liver pate with almond-flax crackers
– Fried minty meatballs, served with green olives

Main Courses
Greek Moussaka (lasagna-style) dish (optionally topped w/ cheese)
– Zucchini-based carbonara/alfredo “pasta” with eggs, cream, and your choice of bacon, chicken, or shellfish
– Fried white fish with boiled amaranth greens and lemon, olive oil
– Beef meat or beef tongue in multi-veggie stew, cooked in beef bone broth
– Shepherd’s lamb pie with sweet potato and cauliflower mash (optionally topped w/ cheese) (choice of side dish)
– Herb-roasted game (duck, goose, rabbit, turkey, ostrich, deer pieces) (choice of side dish)
– Grilled pork ribs and half a heart, roasted (choice of side dish)
– Tuna or salmon steaks, grilled or fried (choice of side dish)
– Meat & veggie loaf, with home-made ketchup (choice of side dish)
– Beef steak, grilled (choice of side dish)
– Beef liver, grilled (choice of side dish)
Kokoretsi (all parts of goat’s offal, including lungs, spleen, intestines) (choice of side dish)
Patsas (goat or sheep tripe avgolemono soup)

– Cauliflower-based colcannon
– Steamed broccoli & fried mushrooms
– Roasted squash with honey & apple cider vinegar-caramelized onions
– Celeriac, kohlrabi, cabbage and carrot coleslaw in home-made olive-oil mayo
– Root chips mix: sweet potatoes, beets, turnips, rutabaga, carrots, parsnips, sunchokes, fried in beef tallow, with herbs. Served with home-made ketchup, or Dijon mustard.
– Home-made live sauerkraut
– Sea vegetables medley
– Mache, purslane, cress, with avocado, tomato and cucumber slices in French vinaigrette
– Crust-free Greek spinach pie with spinach, beet greens, Swiss chard, leeks, turnip greens, etc.
– Soup of the day (various)

– Almond/coconut flour and honey cookies (plain, nuts, chocolate)
– Almond/coconut flour with honey, fruits, cream-frosted muffins (for birthdays)
– Home-made SCD probiotic lactose-free goat yoghurt, served with nuts & seeds, berries, and live local honey
– Coconut milk “breakfast bowl“, served with nuts & seeds, berries, and live local honey
– Coconut and berries ice cream
– Paleo waffles, served with berries, and honey-based syrup
– Home-made chocolate bar with nuts, lightly sweetened with honey, coconut flakes
– Fruit salad of the season
– Fruit of the season sorbet (sweetened with live, local honey)

– Coconut milk, with optional honey
– Fruit smoothie of the season
– Kombucha green tea (decaf available)
– Herbal tea (chamomile, or Greek Mountain Tea)
– Sugar-free (dry), local wines
– Evian mineral water