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Switching to Paleo? Here’s your first shopping list!

What can you and can you not eat on a Paleo diet? Here’s a rundown. This could be your first Paleo shopping list! We will be using all these items to cook your first 3 Paleo meals!

1 dozen pastured or omega-3 or cage-free eggs
1 pack of bacon
1 large pork chop (or fish steak)
1 beef liver
6 beef marrow bones
1 celery
3 big carrots
1 bunch of radishes
1 head of cauliflower
1 plain unsweetened coconut milk (get the diluted beverage one)
1 bottle of olive oil
1 bottle of unrefined Virgin Coconut oil
1 green salad mix
1 raw & unrefined honey
1 bag of walnuts or pecans
1 medium onion
1 garlic head
1 avocado
1 jar of olives
1 tomato
1 box of berries
1 lemon
1 apple
1 peach
1 butter
1 jar of mustard (if you don’t like it buy 1 more lemon)
1 salt with iodine
1 whole black pepper with grinder
1 oregano

If you spend less than 20-30 minutes in the sun daily, consider supplementing with vitamin D at about 1000 IU. Enough Vitamin D (also K2, magnesium & krill oil), along the bone marrow broths, raw coconut oil spoonfuls, and offal consumption 1-2 times a week, is one of the secrets of Paleo’s success.

Here’s how to use these products you just bought:

Breakfast: Fry two eggs in coconut oil with salt & pepper. Remove the eggs when done, add 4 strips of bacon and fry them until crisp. Cut half an avocado, peel it, slice it (reserve the rest in the fridge unpeeled, in plastic wrap). Serve all of that with 1/4 cup of berries, and a glass of coconut milk beverage, or water.

At 9 AM (once a week only): In a big pot (or slow-cooker) fill it with water, and put in there the beef marrow bones, two washed celery talks, 1 washed & chopped carrot, 1 peeled & chopped onion, 2 peeled cloves of garlic, salt & pepper. Cook with the lid closed, until 6 PM in low heat. Let it cool for an hour or so, add two tablespoons olive oil, and then strain the broth into a big glass jar. Drink a glass of that bone broth with your dinner (eat the marrow itself too, but discard the veggies/bones), and keep the rest of the broth in your fridge. Consume it within one week.

Lunch: Wash the 2 carrots and the radishes, and cut them in 1″ pieces. If radishes’ greens are in good shape & they look fresh, wash these up too and chop them. Place them all in a baking dish, and then drizzle 1 tablespoon of honey on them. Place the beef liver in the middle of that same baking dish (make room). Then add two tablespoons coconut oil, salt & pepper, and 1/4 cup water. Bake at 400F (205 C) for 50 minutes until soft, turning the liver a few times in between. In the meantime, wash and slice the tomato, peel and cut the second half of the avocado in pieces. Add these half of the the green salad mix in a salad bowl, and then pour on the salad some olive oil, black pepper, and half of a washed lemon. Toss the salad, and then put the used half-lemon in the still-cooking bone broth. Enjoy your liver with mustard or some lemon. Have a peach for dessert.

Dinner: Cut half of the cauliflower, and wash it (refrigerate back the rest). Boil it in lots of boiling water, until soft (optionally, add a clove of garlic if you like it garlicky). Strain the water out, add 1 tablespoon of butter, salt, pepper, and 2 tablespoons coconut milk. Mash the cauliflower with a potato-masher, or use a blender, until it’s pureed. Meanwhile, use a frying pan and add two tablespoons coconut oil in it, the pork chop (or fish), salt & pepper, oregano. Fry in medium heat until cooked through. To prepare dinner’s big salad: add the rest of the greens from the salad mix, some walnuts, peel/seed/slice the apple, and add them all in a salad bowl. Juice some lemon on them, and add olive oil, salt, pepper, and then toss well. Enjoy your dinner, with the still-warm bone broth & marrow, a few olives, and water.

After 2-3 hours of dinner, it’s time to sleep now. Always eat enough during meals so you’re never hungry in between, and never skip breakfast (or you WILL be hungry by 10 AM eating random garbage). There’s no snacking after dinner (or ever), and try to keep the food times constant every day. You can have caffeine-free plain herbal tea at any time though, and of course, water. Smoothies as occasional desserts are ok, as long as all the pulp is in there too.

Tomorrow, if you have left overs (e.g. roasted radishes), you can incorporate these in your breakfast instead of the avocado (microwave them to get them hot again). For your future shopping list consider eating all kinds of allowed veggies (some of them will be a new tasting experience for you), meat/fish/offal, and fruits. Mix and match, the sky’s the limit. Forget real desserts, and breads btw. Nobody should be eating 3 cups of almond flour in a bread/cake form, because you wouldn’t be eating as much almond normally (not even within 2-3 days). Overdosing on that stuff is not good for you, and it’s one of the reasons why grains are such a problem today (too much wheat or corn or rice in everything). Learn to live without these kinds of “processed or complex” recipes. Simplicity is key.