6 weeks with SCD/Paleo

It’s been 6 weeks already. I’m in the middle of my 3-month milestone, a usual milestone for people with gut issues on a healing diet. Several foods will be added in my diet in small quantities after these 3 months, namely, tubers: parsnip (παστινακι), swede/rutabaga (γουλιά ή μεγα-γογγυλι), turnip (ρεβα), and sweet potatoes (γλυκοπατατα). Currently, the only starchy root vegetables that I eat are carrots, and more rarely beetroots (παντζάρια), and various kinds of radishes (ραπανακια). Beets are sweet & starchy like carrots & radishes are, but they contain “simple sugars”, so they get easily digested in the stomach, before they arrive in the gut and feed overgrown bacteria/yeast.

Regarding the rest of the stuff I eat, ordered by daily quantity: allowed veggies, meat/fish, fruits, eggs, nuts, raw & unfiltered honey, herbal tea (chamomile, Greek Mountain Tea, Kombuscha decaf), and small quantities of salt (with iodine). I cook with coconut oil, olive oil, duck fat, or butter. I also eat offal, game, and I make bone broths (very important parts of the Paleo diet). I avoid all other sugars (including artificial sugars), legumes/soy, white potatoes, and all grains (especially wheat). That’s the Paleo part of the diet.

All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates, father of modern medicine

Because of my gut issues, I follow the SCD‘s diet advice (a diet similar to Paleo, but lower carb, that tries to restore bacterial balance), so I also eat a home-made lactose-free probiotic goat yoghurt (goat casein is much more tolerable than cow’s, since it’s closer to human’s). Unfortunately, there is no such product in the market so I have to make it myself. Rarely, I also eat small quantities of lactose-free goat cheese. I try to avoid cow and lactose-ridden dairy in general, and milk (although I might try raw goat milk in the future). I supplement with various vitamins, mostly D (since I rarely go out), and probiotics.

Why the proper diet can fix so many ailments? Explained.

In these six weeks, I’ve become a different person. A host of medical issues that I had, or I didn’t even know I had, are either gone, or on their way to eradication. For the first time ever, I feel truly happy and thankful for the life I have. Sure, it took a few weeks for my body to switch from burning carbs to burning fat, but I made it in one piece (I went through the “carb flu” or “die off” phase, and had dizzy jolts). All good now. In detail:

– IBS-D & SIBO: from 4-5 liquid bowel movements a day on average, ruining my non-life, down to 1 a week. Work in progress, as I’m still rather irregular. It can take a few years to fully heal a leaky, bacteria-ridden gut. (Update: I’m more regular now, after taking 2 multi-probiotic pills per day, rather than 1 pill every few days as I used to).
– Pre-diabetic hypoglycemia (was on my way to Type 2 diabetes): GONE.
– Candida in my ears (earwax smelling like cheese): GONE.
– Sleep apnea: GONE (according to my husband who previously had to endure my snoring). I now feel rested and I wake up fully energetic. I spring out of the bed. In the past, I was waking up tired and like a zombie (even as a kid).
– Eczema in my forehead is in remission, very little of it remains. Work in progress.
– Dandruff / itchy-scalp: GONE.
– Constant urge for scratching everywhere in my body: GONE.
– My upper-left-central tooth was super-sensitive. After several beef bone broths, vitamins D3 + K2 and some calcium, the sensitivity now has gone down to half, and it’s getting better day by day.
– Teeth plaque seems to not be accumulating anymore. I just need to clean up the one I already have and I should be plaque-free from that point on. I rarely floss.
– Depression and thoughts of suicide: GONE.
– ADD (couldn’t focus on anything, couldn’t really read books since I was 12): GONE.
– Anxiety/stress: GONE.
– Pee urgency (I had recurring bacterial infections): GONE.
– Muscle atony and less strength on my right arm/hand (hypothyroidism?): much better after the 5th week on the diet.
– Asthma/allergy-like inability to breath deeply after eating some foods: GONE.
– Acanthosis nigricans (discolored axilla): GONE.
– Sugar addiction: GONE.
– Period pain: Much less than before. Although this will require 5+ months to get fixed properly. I expect pain-free, lite periods that don’t last more than 3-4 days (they now last 7 days, and they’re heavy).
– I used to have acne spots a few days before my period: GONE.
– Irregular period (especially in the last 2 years): GONE (the last two times, while on the diet, it arrived exactly on the 28th day)
– Popping sound on the inside of my ear drums: GONE.
– I can now sweat properly, an ability that I almost lost about 20 years ago.
– Taste buds regrown (sugar kills taste buds). Now I can eat 99% cocoa dark chocolate like a boss. Before, I could only eat super-sweet milk chocolates.
– My skin is visibly better, according to people who saw me months ago the previous time.
– My ability to smell is now stronger, although this is still work in progress. I hear it takes 3 months to come back fully.
– Chronic anger towards… everyone everywhere and fast-lighting anger: GONE.
– Fibromyalgia-like pain on my neck/shoulder: better, but it’s still work in progress.
– Black circles under my eyes: GONE.
– Stomach bloating: GONE.
– Excessive gas: GONE.
– Occasional heart-muscle pain: GONE

Why the proper diet can fix psychological problems? Explained.

And of course, I lost 10 lbs too so far. I had a plateau for over 2 weeks, but that went away after I cut down the number of fruits and nuts I was eating daily (I was over-doing it, in order to feed my sugar addiction). I now eat 1-2 servings of fruits daily, and nuts only once every 2-3 days (except peanuts/cashews which aren’t nuts). I need to lose another 45-50 lbs, since I’m still obese. A much healthier obese person though. Things that still need fixing and I had no visible change yet: my female-pattern alopecia. I will know if I will get new hair in a year or two (it takes 3 years for some roots/hairs to renew, as they’re on a cycle).

As you can see, I have/had a number of ailments. Not enough to finish me off, but enough to make my life miserable. I bet most people have similar problems, but they think that these are “normal”. They’re not! We’re meant to be healthy until the day our body simply gives up from natural old age.

One thing that SCD/Paleo can’t fix though is… my laziness. I feel more alive now than ever before, but I’m still not thrilled about exercise. I just need to open that front door, step outside, and walk, walk, walk.


Chowstalker wrote on October 14th, 2011 at 6:15 PM PST:

No matter how many of these stories i read, each one is still amazing! About the hair regrowth, I was thrilled to see quite a bit of new hair after less than a year, so maybe you’ll have similar results. But how ever long it takes, it takes right? So glad to hear things are going so well for you!

Luishp wrote on October 15th, 2011 at 12:50 PM PST:

I have been reading your great blog for some years now mainly due to your video wisedom. I do have ulcerative collitis and have read about sdc diet but never convinced me, as i am naturally esceptic.
Now, after reading some of your post i have decided to give it a chance.
Although i don’t yet see a scientific explanation, i consider you a very inteligent person and your experience and opinions are giving me the necesary strenght to try the sdc diet.
Don’t know very well where to start but i’m starting my self instruction with the help of my partner.
By the way, you have now a friend in spain.
Thank you.

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on October 15th, 2011 at 1:00 PM PST:

Hi Luis, yeah, definitely give a try to SCD, a lot of people with UC use the SCD (check the Amazon comments for the SCD book, most people who commented there have UC or Crohn’s). The book actually explains why the diet works in a pretty scientific way, and the two videos I embedded here also do. However, the diet’s web site contains as much information almost, so it’s not necessary to buy the book. Just make sure you don’t skip on the lactose-free probiotic goat yoghurt.

I was as skeptical about diets too, I mean, I shunned them for 10 years while having IBS. I was expecting the magic pill that will fix my problems out of thin air. I’m now happy that a diet not only fixed most of my IBS, but also a host of other things.

itchy and scratchy wrote on October 16th, 2011 at 8:57 PM PST:

I saw this and went ‘Aha!”. I have suffered from this urge for decades. Sheer misery for me. Thank you, thank you.

“- Constant urge for scratching everywhere in my body: GONE.”

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