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Goat yoghurt made in heaven

Actually, it was made with my brand new yoghurt-maker machine in my kitchen, but the result is still heavenly. It’s an SCD-legal goat yoghurt, using three strains of “good” bacteria as a starter, and fermenting it for 24 hours so no lactose is left in it. I also evaporate 1/4 of the milk while cooking, by trying to keep it boiling longer at no more than 180 F (this makes it have a less runny consistency later). I serve it with various berries, maybe some tiny grapes, walnuts, and definitely raw & unfiltered honey. Yum!

I used goat milk because its casein and the rest of its chemical ingredients are more tolerable by humans, since goat milk is closer to human’s milk than cow’s or sheep’s. Besides, I grew up with goat/sheep dairy rather than cow. Still, it can’t beat camel milk.

Update: I cooked some kale for the first time ever tonight too. I made kale chips. Recipe easy to find anywhere online.

Update 2: I even made some Paleo jerky for the first time ever (apple cider vinegar instead of soy sauce, honey instead of sugar).