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Random stuff, Part 35

* I still can’t get over the fact that this will be the first TV season in many-many years where there won’t be any space-based science fiction show on TV. Even “Blood & Chrome” is now said to only be released online only and not as a TV series! has two very interesting articles about this, “Why aren’t we in a golden age of genre television?“, and the incredibly accurate “Why We Need More Space Adventures“.

* I’m pre-ordering the Canon S100 tomorrow at a local store. When I have it, hopefully sometime in October, I will publish a review at about its video mode.

* On this article is explained how wheat is so addictive: it apparently attaches itself to our opiate receptors in our brain. Sugar is doing similar things too. I have to say that I feel lucky that I haven’t had any withdrawal symptoms for either when I went Paleo/SCD. Most people crave carbs in the first 10-15 days on ketogenic diets, and while I can totally understand why and how this feels, it didn’t happen to me this time. I had cravings while on the very low calorie diet a few years ago, but on Paleo/SCD I feel so healthy that I don’t want to eat anything that can make me sick again (see: gluten, lectins and sugars). This is another great article to read on grains btw.