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My Paleo diet cheat list

As I wrote in the previous blog post, I’m currently following the SCD diet, in order to kill overgrown bacteria & yeast. After I get even better in 2-3 months, I will move towards a Paleo/Primal combo diet. I plan to follow these diets for life with fanatical adherence (I don’t have a choice), but as time goes I will allow a few more foods in, foods that I believe are not as damaging (time will tell). These are:

1. Olive oil
Some Paleo dieters don’t use olive oil at all, some only use it raw in salads, and some even cook with it. I’m Greek, and I believe in the benefits of olive oil. Before the Paleo diet gained popularity, the best diet in the world was that of Cretans’ in the ’60s. Lots of olive oil, raw artichokes etc. There are too many studies about how good olive oil is, so I don’t think it’s fair to put olive oil in the same bag as the rest of the “vegetable oils” that are forbidden in these diets.

2. Yoghurt and possibly some cheese
I plan to try this lactose-free yoghurt, and see how it goes. I wish they had the same lactose-free product from goat instead, but they don’t. As for cheese, most hard cheeses don’t have lactose in them, so they might be safe. I don’t plan to try dairy until one month in the diet, to make sure I give my gut a chance to have its gut flora rebooted. If I notice that dairy still bloats me, I will cut it down completely and live off of calcium-enriched orange juice, almond milk and vitamin pills.

3. Green beans (pods) & peas
I’ve read that lectins on the young green pods are almost non-existent, so there’s no reason not to eat them. I mean, sure, I do get the bloating from dried beans and lentils, but I’ve been eating green pods all my life and never had problems. Peas seem to be better in that respect than actual dried beans and lentils too. Despite this, I don’t plan to use peas very much, just in case I’m wrong…

4. Sweet potatoes and Parsnips
While these tubers are allowed in the Paleo diet, they are loaded with starch, and since my stomach is fragile atm, I can’t risk eating them. Maybe I will be having them once a month, after 3 months on the diet.

5. Almond/coconut milk/flour
These are allowed in the Paleo diet, and unfortunately I see people using them a lot, to feed off their carb cravings. These should be used sparingly in my opinion, because, let’s face it: would you eat a whole bag of almonds in one sit? Not likely. So why make an almond flour bread then? Makes no sense to me. It’s too much. Nuts can create problems in big quantities, even to people who don’t have nut allergies.

Finally, I don’t plan to eat okras at all. No scientific reason, I just hate their sliminess. 😛