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I think the last 10 years have been detrimental to Greece’s family values, at least at the parts I’m from. The ’80s were the times where our status from third world country changed to almost-first, the ’90s were the establishment of that new status, and the ’00s was all about the decline of the public ethos. Just like a newly-rich person frantically dives himself into whores and cocaine.

All I hear now over here is about how drugs have taken over the youth. When I was a teen I’ve never seen any hard drugs in my area, and only very few youngsters that we knew smoke a joint every now and then. Now, children as young as 12 are having sex, and stay out partying up to 3 AM. In comparison, I was 16 when I started going out with friends, I was always back by 11:30 PM, and I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 19 (to a fiance no less).

An even more common gossip than the youth pAArtying, are about the adults. I’ve never heard of so many cases of spouse-cheating than I do now. I really don’t think we ever had so many cases of cheating in our town and surrounding villages. There were always some such cases (heck, I always considered my own dad a womanizer, for example), but definitely not to the degree that I hear these days. I hear about teenagers getting into the middle married couples (often with children) and ending up divorcing them. I hear about middle-aged married men with children sleeping with 75 year old women for money or for fun. I hear about previously fine 45-ish year old married women suddenly charging for sex at this age. Not to mention the porn movies some women from a nearby village shot, that I heard about. I’m truly shocked about what’s going on in the last few years over here, and I’m not a person that gets shocked easily.

There were many times in the past when Greeks made fun of the divorce rate in the US. They portrayed the Americans as people without family values. Now, Greece’s divorce rate is as high, if not higher. Sure, I had two failed engagements myself in the ’90s, but I never cheated, and I’d like to think that I wasn’t cheated upon either. In fact, I’m still friends with my second fiance, and there’s no bitterness between us. We just fell out of love, and we took our separate ways. Since then, I got married, happily for over 10 years now, with an amazing French guy. Instead, all the couples I’ve heard that they divorced around my Greek parts in the past few years, were almost all cases of known cheating.

To me, that’s pure and plain declining. People with too much money or time on their hands. Boredom even. I might be sounding “old”, evangelizing the good old days, but it’s not so. I always saw myself as a moderate, so I always try to keep the best parts of each lifestyle: the freedom of the modern lifestyle, but also the family values of the old ways. Besides, the good old days were not that good either, there were constantly problems of money and convenience. But I prefer a whole village in poverty, eating nettle soup & wild amaranth greens and herding goats, than women soliciting and charging 20 Euros for a blow job, just because they find it easier to do just that rather than go and find real work.

Remember, these are lands where everyone knows everyone else. Reputation is everything. It’s your make and your unmake.