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iOS Apps: CamLock & AutoPainter


My friend Alastair (of Glidetrack fame) yesterday introduced me to CamLock, an interesting iOS camera app that lets you control various aspects of the camera when shooting video.

Of course, the most important feature for me, is exposure lock. It’s the only way to shoot a video, under a somewhat controlled lighting, where brightness doesn’t jump left and right — making it look very unprofessional. But apart this basic feature (that all phone should support by default), the app comes with other features too, like locking white balance, locking focus, setting exposure by tapping somewhere in the scene, and using a grid and a bubble indicator to keep things straight while shooting.

Unfortunately, there is a bug with iOS 4.3.x and exposure doesn’t stay locked if you try to lock it before you start recording. Thankfully, it can be locked after you start recording, so the problem is not really that huge.

On the iPod Touch 4th Gen that I tested the app, the focus lock does not work. I’m thinking that the camera model on the iPod and iPad might not support that. Here’s a video I shot showing the exposure lock:


The other app I got across today was AutoPainter. You can make any of your pictures look like Aquarell, Benson, Cezanne or Van Gogh. It’s fully automatic, and it works surprisingly well. There is also a way to direct the program to pay extra attention to some objects in the picture, but this is only optional — depends on the look you’re after. I used this on my iPod Touch, but I bet its “AutoPainter HD” version looks great on the iPad. There’s a more full-featured version for the PC & Mac too (samples).