Vanillia, or ypovrihio (meaning “submarine”, since you submerge it into cold water), is a Greek spoon sweet. Some times it’s made from mastika, some times with plain sugar and mint. It’s weird that there isn’t much information about it online, very few pictures and all. So I thought I should put some up.

It has been my favorite candy since I was a kid. JBQ found this brand of vanillia in our local Mediterranean shop, and so he bought it for me. Yummy!

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Mirko wrote on April 9th, 2011 at 9:37 AM PST:

Only India and Greece still do not understand what is sweet and what is deadly sweet…

I remember it… cold water and a spoon of vanilla in a hot summer…
I wont eat it now…but I would be able to make it without sugar and without artificial sugar

btw I love mastika!!
Salep/Mastika ice cream…….uhmmmmm

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