IIPA: Greeks are poor, let’s sue them

The International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) just released a PDF about Greece, one of the countries in their “most watched” list about piracy. In the first paragraph in that PDF they recognize that the governments’ austerity measures will increase piracy even more. Then, they go on to suggest strict laws and punishments to those who are caught pirating. Well, let me say something to these sharp knives over at IIPA:

When a country is under a huge stress over their previous quality of life getting vanished (as IIPA themselves are acknowledging), and they take that weight out of in the streets by rallying and striking every week, the government will not, and it should NOT, take further action against them for any home/digital copyright infringement. Not because copyright infringement punishment is not lawful (it is, and it should be up to a point), but because as a politician you must control these 11 million people from pulling a Jasmine on you.

And the best way to do this, is to keep them busy with entertainment. If piracy is how these straggling citizens are getting their fix and relax, well, let it be so.

IIPA, I hope the Greek government won’t listen to you. No problem catching the professional pirates, but at the current climate in Greece, the Greek citizens should get a free pass on digital piracy at home. At least until things calm down, which it will take a few years. If this means that you must stop selling your goods in Greece because of unmet trade agreements, then DO SO. Your goods were not going to be bought anyway, because there’s no money left to be spent on your products. But you have no right to dictate policy on the Greek nation.

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