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Top-10 Sci-Fi Movies of All time

In my opinion, of course.

10. Avatar
9. The Terminator
8. X-Men
7. Equilibrium
6. Blade Runner
5. Terminator 2: Judgment Day
4. Inception
3. District 9
2. Star Wars: A New Hope
1. The Matrix

Runner ups: “Contact, “Iron Man”, “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back”, “Serenity”, and “Star Trek: First Contact”. Biggest disappointments: The Matrix 2 & 3.

The interesting about this movie list was that I had a real big problem trying to figure out my top-10. There were at least 30 movies that were competing in almost equal grounds. The twist here is that when I put together my sci-fi TV show top-10 list last night, I had trouble filling it up. After the initial top-5, I just couldn’t easily find enough good shows to make it on that list. Which means one thing and one thing only: that for the science fiction genre on TV, there is a lot of latitude on making it better. Easily.

Top-10 Sci-Fi TV Shows of All time

In my opinion, of course.

Originally, I thought I should rate shows based on what they represented when they were first broadcasted. This way, shows like the original Star Trek would have made the list below. But then, I thought that there are shows that are old but still remain timeless, both in spirit and regarding their filmmaking, so I decided to not give these older shows the benefit of the doubt, and instead judge all of them on the same grounds. So here’s my list:

10. The 4400 (mostly the 1st season)
9. Fringe (just few parts of it)
8. Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (some parts of it)

The 3 above are not really that much of favorites for me, it’s just that I can’t find anything better. My truly favorite shows are the following:

7. Babylon 5 (seasons 2-4 only)
6. X-Files (alien mytharc only)
5. Stargate: Universe (most of it)
4. BattleStar Galactica (Re-imagined series, seasons 1-2 mostly)
3. Firefly (all of it, inc. the movie)
2. LOST (seasons 1-2, most of 3-4-5, I hated season 6)
1. Star Trek: The Next Generation (seasons 3-6, hated seasons 1-2, blah season 7)

Here’s why I regard ST:TNG to be the best show ever. LOST would have been #1 if it hadn’t f’ed up in the last couple of seasons.