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“V”: A show ABC should be ashamed of

“V” and “No ordinary family” must be among the most cliche scifi shows on TV right now. On V I can’t go passed through the over-explanations of the situation. Which is unfortunately unexplainable, since the plot is illogical. And then they try to explore human emotions and what is the human soul. Subjects that have been discussed 20 years ago on Star Trek, and as far as soul goes, it’s a subject that doesn’t attract most modern scifi viewers. Eventually, we then get an “alien mother” who says that the human soul is somewhere on… her cleavage (as io9 correctly noted).

Sorry, I know, I don’t make much sense right now. But if you’ve actually watched “V”, you know what I’m talking about. This is one show in disarray. It’s uninteresting, stupid, over the top, cliche, old style, you name it. It’s like it has no direction at all.

Of course it’s not going to see a third season, and we should all be happy for that. Unfortunately, everything else also sucks on TV right now, a lot of boring, unimaginative shit. At least we ditched cable, so we don’t have to pay for these terrible shows we’re getting served. It’s funny how only 5-6 really good shows end up happening every decade.

And don’t get me started about “The Cape” on NBC.

Update: EXCELLENT analysis of the situation.