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A month without cable TV

It’s been a month since we canceled Comcast cable TV. And we’re not missing it at all. Not even just 5%. There is so little quality programming on TV anyway.

We bought two interior antennas in order to get access to the TV networks, and I’m using Hulu via my laptop’s HDMI to watch shows I can’t get via an aerial antenna (e.g. SyFy Channel). Hulu/Flash is slow on my DELL Vostro V130 when setting the TV resolution to 1920×1080, but it’s smooth at 720p.

The rest of the cable shows (e.g. Dexter) I can get via Netflix when they’re out on DVD (or via its streaming service). Then there’s all the content we get via Vimeo, Youtube & on the Roku, and the various video podcasts.

So overall, there is absolutely no reason to ever go back to cable (or satellite for that matter). I bought the two antennas for less than $40 each, and we pay just $12 per month for Netflix (compared to $90+ we used to pay for Comcast TV). No reason to pay for Hulu PLUS either, since PLUS has fewer shows in its roster than the desktop/web version of Hulu.