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Can’t wait for M83’s new album

One of my favorite albums of all time is M83‘s “Before the Dawn Heals Us” (2005). When they released their 2008 album “Saturdays = Youth” it was a disappointment for me. Not because the album wasn’t good (it was), but it was not the same genre as their 2005 album. It was indie rock, instead of cinematic, operatic, space shoegaze, epic, electro-classical music. The problem was that no one else was writing such music, or as well. It was like seeing a metal worker, one of the last ones creating Samurai swords by hand, to leave his job, and go work for a factory. Just didn’t sit well with me.

Today Pitchfork interviewed M83, and to my enjoyment, they said that their new album will be even more epic than all their others, and that they are coming back to the old genre:

“[…] This album’s going to be very long with some spoken word interludes– very dreamy, powerful, intense. It’s more like I’m trying to make the soundtrack to an imaginary movie.”

Unofficial video by a fellow Greek, for M83’s * track. Change quality to 480p after starting the video.

Can’t wait!