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Why Vampire Shows/Movies Succeed

For these people who can’t get around their head why movies like Twilight, or shows like True Blood or Vampire Diaries are so successful with women, let me give you some insight:

Women can’t help it when they see a man going out of his natural state of being to be with a regular girl.

Basically, that’s it. In this case, vampires shun their kind, and face expulsion or worse, all for the love of a human woman. It’s an irresistible thought for women. This also explains why women prefer “bad boys”. In reality, they DON’T. What they prefer is bad boys, who are bad ass to everyone else, but their woman.

All this gives women affirmation that the specific man is a suitable mate, able to do big sacrifices to raise a family. And that’s a dream that fuels their mental state’s well being, hoping that a poor, normal girl like they are, can have such luck one day too. It’s all Darwin, that plays games with women’s heads in order to keep them sane in a world where they will probably not going to get what they want.

And as long as there is Darwin, you will have to put up with Vampire movies. Hehehe…

The next big thing is not Vampires btw, but Androids. I can’t wait to see the blooming of love between the Scarlet Witch and Vision, in the possible 2nd Avengers movie at around 2015. Here things are even more dramatic, since the Vision is a mechanical being, without feelings. Seeing such a being going completely out of his programmed way just to be with a woman, it will drive female audiences crazy.