Archive for March 22nd, 2010

What’s “good” music anyway?

Up to a year ago I thought, like most people, that I knew what “good” music is. A year later, my music listening habits have changed dramatically towards more experimental, so I’m not sure if what I knew back then is correct anymore. See, how is it possible to like a number of bands, and consider their genres the best, and a year later find them lame and “not fresh” anymore?

What all this means is that different people, with different life experiences, or the same people at different times in their life, they prefer different audio stimulation. And that’s only normal. I now know that reviewing an album can never be objective. It’s 100% a personal experience, and it’s different for everyone. Bands that make no sense to me, might make to someone else, and vice versa.

MGMT put up their new album for free streaming today, and most people don’t like it. I too find it too experimental, having lost its melodies and hooks that the previous album had. So MGMT say that they don’t want to be a mainstream pop band, so they put out this difficult-to-stomach album.

However, what’s “good” anymore? It’s all in the eye of the beholder.