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New Music video, Part II

Shot the first part of a new music video today, for Scraping For Change (preview the track “Shadows“). JBQ slept in the car the whole time, he was exhausted because of his work during the week. Here’s a small teaser picture, directly out of the camera (used a flatter version of the “Neutral” picture style, not as flat as my “ExtraFlat” style):

Ok, I’ll admit, that’s handpicked. Possibly the best shot in the whole shoot today. 😉

And so it begins…

It didn’t need a lot of time to get full feature film shot on these cheap Canon dSLRs. The latest big release is “Tiny Furniture”, which won best narrative film award at the SxSW festival. This indie film was shot for less than $100k, using a Canon 7D.

What’s important to understand here is that, at last, hardware is not the issue anymore. If you go back even just 1-2 years in time, shooting a film that looked even remotely like a serious indie production was a big deal, because renting all these high-end cameras was expensive and had a big learning curve. But now, a dSLR like the Canon T2i (which has the same video abilities and quality as the 7D), costs just $800, plus the cost of lenses! Hardware is not the issue anymore! Now filmmakers can easily create their vision without hardware being an obstacle!

And this is only the beginning. The two directors of the new Yeasayer music video “O.N.E.” told me that while the bulk of the video was shot with the RED One, a few scenes were shot using the Canon 7D.

I expect that the next big crop of dSLRs by Canon will be able to do 3k or 4k at 24p/25p, 30p/50p/60p at full 1080p, have absolutely no rolling shutter artifacts, full HDMI output, and possibly go towards continuous auto-focus too. When such cameras hit the market for less than $2k, you can imagine the even bigger impact they will have in the filmmaking community.