Archive for March 9th, 2010

“Future of Humanity” by Midnight Strangers

A short film disguised as the official music video for Midnight Strangers‘ “Future of Humanity” single. This is my 5th music video, and my first foray into narrative story-telling (even if within the form of a music video). Free HD download here.

This was the longest project I’ve been involved into so far, with 7 hours of shooting in the first batch, and another 4 hours for the re-shoots. We actually re-shot half of the video again, with a different location & female lead. If I had my way, I’d use different locations for the scenes shown from 1′:12″ to 1′:25″.

Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II at 30 fps, and then it was slowed-down to 24p. Majority of footage was shot with the Canon f1.4 50mm lens. My own “ExtraFlat” Picture Style was used (minimum color grading was done in post, it just came out exactly as I wanted it to).

Band of the Week: Sin Fang Bous

Iceland’s Sin Fang Bous (also known for his Seabear band), is marrying folk with ’60s rhythms, and a good dose of experimental sounds in his solo album. Download “Catch the Light” for free.