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Portugal The Man – American Ghetto

Portugal The Man, the biggest band Alaska ever created, write:

On March 2nd we will make this record available to you, press, radio, retail, etc. Nobody gets the record early; we will not be soliciting reviews, airplay or any support from the industry. It is up to you to tweet about #americanghetto or to share or to send friends to buy. If you want to write/blog/play American Ghetto, March 2nd is your opportunity. It will be the same for everyone. […] Lets take this to the next step.

Today, the band released their new album, “American Ghetto“. As you read above, what’s very interesting about it is that it has ZERO PR. Portugal The Man had quite some success last year, and made some money from extensive touring (apart from the fact that their van was burglarized in Spain last year with all their instruments, passports, money etc). They could easily put up the regular PR/radio push that every band does when they have a new release at hand. But Portugal The Man didn’t. For this record (and possibly their best so far), it’s ONLY up to fans to spread the word!

And what the heck can I say?

Within 5 hours of its release on iTunes, as I write this, is already in the top-10 of the Alternative iTunes Chart! Just like Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros that I blogged yesterday, Portugal The Man also have a great live show, and their music is very versatile: no one writes that kind of music. And this word of mouth, pays back eventually. But it only pays back for bands that do deserve it.

Best tracks on the album: “All My People”, “1000 Years” (at LEAST preview these two below if you don’t have much free time).

So, definitely give these guys a preview listen. They deserve it if not just for kicking the music industry’s status quo in the balls. Or, download a free track from the album.