Santa Maffy – Lory the Dwarf

A great music video, shot with a naked Canon HV40. The director sent me an email saying “I agree with you, 35mm adapter is a useless thing, I sold it“. That’s right, it’s all about knowing how to shoot properly. The editing is particularly great on the video too.


Tommy Rodríguez wrote on December 28th, 2009 at 2:37 PM PST:

I understand that 35mm adapters are useless, especially in indoors, the light stops you lost between the lens and adapter do not let you have a sharp image, even using two kilos of light as I checked.

Glenn wrote on January 5th, 2010 at 8:31 PM PST:

Eugenia, I think you’re always a bit harsh on 35mm adapters. Your own experience owning one doesn’t mean they’re all bad. This movie is good, but I honestly think it could have looked better if it was shot with a decent 35mm adapter. A bit of bokeh on the mid shots etc. When I say a ‘decent’ 35mm adapter, I don’t mean the cheap home made vibrating models with the vignetting that sell for $300. They’re rubbish, I agree. You can’t even adjust the shutter speed with those, so they’re useless anyway. I’m guessing the guy who sold his probably had one of those cheap models?

My SG Pro adapter is still an almost permanent part of my camera (except on a few occasions I shoot some bluescreen, like tomorrow). It was over $1000 in 2006, but well worth the money. You get what you pay for. This is my rig. It’s a lot nicer and more balanced to hold than a bare HV20, but still lighter than a bare EX1, XHA1, HVX200 etc.. Photo of me here in Bali a couple of years back. I hold it like a gun with my right thumb on the start/stop and function switches, and my left hand controlling the focus and aperture. There’s no set up, I just switch the camera and adapter on and start shooting immediately. It’s very steady, unless I deliberately swing it around, and very stable.

I get a slight amount of vignetting with my f2.8 28mm Nikon lens, but I have a fix for that. A vignette image with white corners than I place on a track above the video in Vegas and set the blend mode to ‘burn’. The vignetting disappears instantly without messing up anything. It probably wouldn’t be a problem at all with a faster f1.8 28mm lens though.

Put it this way, if you want to shoot a nice shallow DOF shot of someone in a small room with a standard HV20/30/40, you can’t do it. In a small room there’s no option of standing back 10 or 20m and zooming in.

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