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Introducing Silver Swans

I shot an interview video yesterday at the Dolores Park for the Bay Area’s new band sensation, Silver Swans, and The OWL Magazine. You can read the accompanying article at the OWL here. Camera info below.

This was my first video with the Canon 5D MkII, even if I had the camera for a while now. It came out good, even if I shot everything in “auto” (hence the small aperture under the harsh light, and no shallow DoF). The handheld park shots were shot with the Canon SX200 IS.

The interesting thing was that SX200 IS’ “flat” look was flatter than 5D’s. Even with me shooting flat with the 5D, Cineform removing some additional contrast, I still had to bring contrast to -12 to get the flat look of SX200’s (which is the look I want, and the look that RED One & film cameras have too). This is something for Canon to fix IMO. The “flat” look of the 5D/7D is not as flat as it should have been. The $300 Canon SX200 IS can look less video-y than these multi-thousand dollar cameras.