Dreaming of a labyrinth

I had a 3-hour nap yesterday, and during that time I had the weirdest dream ever (although I’m known to have adventurous dreams). I saw some gangs that some of its members were hideous monsters, I saw my mom telling me that the little girl that’s part of one of these gangs was my twin sister that I never knew I had. While trying to free her (with… Adam Lambert’s help), I got chased and I had to swim away and fight the bad guys like a ninja.

By the time I got out of the water, the gang boss, none other than Samuel L. Jackson, took away my mother and my sister and he wouldn’t tell me where they were. Myself and some ex-gang members… tortured him, to no avail. Then, another monster comes in, and told us that Jackson has a secret place in his basement, a labyrinth. To get in and out of there without getting lost, you need to be accompanied by a kid that was a twin (and that was the reason he had kidnapped my supposed twin sister as a baby). I decided to go in.

It was an amazing place, and for the first time in a long time I did not realize that I was dreaming. It felt real. Some of it had places where you fall “up”, some of it had floors that would break apart and re-arrange itself, some of it had corridors with doors that monsters would come out and bite you, and the rest had a lot of stolen art, technology and what not. Even Adam Lambert was stashed there, and couldn’t find the exit. I asked him if he saw my mom and sister, he led me to them, and with my excitement for finding them, I woke up. I guess we’ll never know if I was able to lead these trapped people out.

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