Good/sucky day

I had one of these good and sucky all in one days.

Good: Going to Google’s headquarters to shoot a video for a company. Then, I had a nice lunch with JBQ there. I spent most of my day editing that video today, since I need to have it ready ASAP for a presentation.

Bad: Cage the Elephant’s marketing staff got me a press pass for the band’s concert in SF after TWO weeks of having me “on the wait”, in order to review the performance for a music magazine that I very occasionally write for. But by some sort of miss-communication in the morning, they removed my photo/video pass request. I emailed them at 1 PM with the exact requirements, but they didn’t reply to that email. I emailed again, and by 4 PM they told me it’s too late to get authorization for photo/video (I requested a pass for a 1-minute video, nothing more than that). So I got pissed off, and I didn’t go to the concert. I mean, I wanted to go there to visually also show to readers how it feels to be there, it wasn’t for that 16 bucks the ticket costs. Thank God, I can afford these 16 bucks. I must say that in the 10 years that I am dealing with PR/marketing people of various software/hardware companies, I never had major problems with them. As much as engineers like to poke fun at their marketing people, the technology marketing people rule compared to the entertainment ones.

Good: While still thinking that I have a photo pass, and while at Google, I stumbled at Romain Guy, a software engineer (and serious photographer) who works along my husband on Android (read at the end of this article about the funny way I got to know Romain). He was trying to sell his (second) Canon 5D Mark-II, and I was in need for a good low-light camera for the concert tonight. So I bought it. It looks good so far, although its ergonomics are a bit schizophrenic.

Bad: I can’t put off that laundry anymore. I hate laundry.

Of course, the 7D is a better deal in terms of video, and I still suggest to all of you to go for the 7D instead of the 5D. I went with the 5D because the price was right (as a second hand unit), we have lenses that better suit the 5D, and because I needed the camera tonight for the concert (that I eventually didn’t go).

Ok, off to go watch “V” now. After I start off that stupid laundry…


Jara wrote on November 4th, 2009 at 2:26 PM PST:

7D is not that much better than 5D anymore. Slighty higher bitrate (which does not show any major advantage) and 50/60 framerate. 24/25/proper 30 was promised for 5D was promised by Canon in first quarter of 2010, maybe even those higher framerates.

5D has arguably better noise handling, better dynamic range and shallower DOF.

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on November 4th, 2009 at 2:38 PM PST:

Yes, but. The 7D costs $1000 LESS, and it has that 50/60p frame rate which is ideal for slow motion. So overall, for most people, the 7D is a *better* buy. I went with the 5D because of some specific constraints, but if I was a free bird without a video history, and was trying to get a new camera, the 7D would be it.

Prolost also mentions in his recent article the same idea: the 7D is overall the smarter buy.

Rolf wrote on November 6th, 2009 at 4:34 AM PST:

7D would be ideal for me, if I would be able to record more than one hour uninterrupted. Is there an alternative ?

I shoot gig’s of an african drummer group, often in narrow, dark clubs. So I’m using a HDC-SD300 with wide angle adaptor, but this setup has bad low light performance.

Example: http://www

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on November 6th, 2009 at 11:14 AM PST:

No, there’s nothing at that price with that depth of field. I am afraid you will have to start and stop between tracks.

Triplet wrote on November 8th, 2009 at 6:55 PM PST:

Eugenia do you think that canon will produce a 60d, or do you think that the 7d is the is the ending of the xxd line from canon. The biggest question is do you think that if there is a 60d will it have video functionality equivalent to a 7d. I currently have a canon hfs100 with a rode video mic and decaying xl1 (its in great condition just not as good iq as the hfs100 ). Not to get off topic but I used to have an hv30 but wanted manual gain so got the hfs100. Would you have done the same.

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