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A question to my readers

Please take the poll below and let me know if you would like me to continue re-posting my Twitter posts on this blog daily. You see, some of you already follow me on Twitter, and on Facebook (which my Twitter updates are also getting copied), so it might be too much of an annoying duplication for some of you. On the other hand, for the rest of the readers who don’t follow me on Twitter/Facebook, without these Twitter updates there isn’t much blogging going on (you might have noticed, I don’t blog small tidbits anymore, as Twitter has taken over that role). In any case, let me know.

Update: So, it’s settled. Thanks. 🙂

Daily Twitter Update for 2009-10-08

  • LOST’s Carlton Cuse: “Still thinking about Avatar. Seeing it in Imax 3D — its the moment I realized 2D, 24 FPS filmmaking is soon to be archaic.”
  • It makes me sick. It really reminds me of the South Park episode about Paris Hilton and how to become a better slut.
  • "The Book of Inkscape" arrived in our home, need to write a review about that too. #
  • I wonder why there is no South Park episode about the iPhone and its minions. It would be so fitting… #
  • Europe is a very different place than the US: here #
  • RED just announced their newest vaporware camera accessories. That company is becoming a joke with each passing day. #
  • "Group calls David Letterman's behavior inappropriate in the workplace" says CNN. I disagree, as long as sex was consented between two adults. #
  • The only thing I found inappropriate was Letterman having these affairs while he was still on a relationship with the mother of his child. #
  • Extrapolating his apology to his then-gf-now-wife on air, she didn't know about these affairs, which makes Letterman sleazy at the least. #