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Daily Twitter Update for 2009-10-03

  • The Letterman example is why I'd never marry a rock star or actor. I would never, ever, trust them. My life would be a hell because of it. #
  • FlashForward is the second best TV show right now after LOST. Still, it doesn't come close to LOST, it has some implementation problems. #
  • Twiiter has removed all @jbqueru's replies to me from my mentions list. Bloody bugs. That's why I hate software. It never works. #
  • During "Heroes" last Monday a brand new Yahoo! ad was broadcasted. It had an amazing look & clarity. I wonder what camera they used for it. #
  • I found the commercial: It looked amazing on Comcast HD. Unfortunately it's not in HD on Youtube. #
  • Stargate:Universe pilot: boring, predictable. The photography was poor, grading was non-existent. All in all, it felt cheap. #