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On the new Ubuntu distro

I decided to enter the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase competition last June, and apparently I won! A small QVGA OGG version of the following video will be part of Ubuntu’s Creative Commons showcase in the new distro version, under the “examples” folder (there is a 2.5 MB limit, that was the real challenge). The bulk of my videos are licensed under the liberal Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, and I hope more videographers do so too.

This is the first time I ever won anything, and it’s a pretty good feeling, since I felt a bit beaten down the last few days, after my music video shoot last weekend (apparently we need to re-shoot some scenes with the artist and possibly re-cast our female model).

Anyways, many thanks to the Ubuntu team! Can’t wait for the new release (my husband switched to Ubuntu recently too, in both his work PC, and at home currently). 🙂

Daily Twitter Update for 2009-10-01

  • And just like that, I JUST received my Google Wave invitation! I am a bit lost in it though. 🙂 #
  • I think I want sushi tonight. Possibly. Maybe. Perhaps. Anything to distract me away from my boredom. Maybe a movie after that too. #
  • What a whole load of sensational bull. Except the "Random Travel on a Whim", my @jbqueru isn't deprived by any of these: #
  • My husband @jbqueru has over 1150 followers on Twitter now. He's an integral part of the Android open source community these days. #
  • Just bought Animal Kingdom's "Signs & Wonders" album. It's only $7 on iTunes, and it has some really good tunes. #
  • Spent 3.5 hours going through the backlog of just 4 days for new music releases on sites with legal free downloads. This is exhausting. #
  • Apparently we will need some re-shoots for the music video I shot on Saturday. Additional scenes to flesh out the background story. #
  • Mentioning in the invite form that I'm an ex-dev & married to a Google engineer brings nothing about getting to the Google Wave project. 😛 #