Daily Twitter Update for 2009-09-30

  • Watched Smokin' Aces. Pretty good action flick. #
  • Our order of the special Manuka honey arrived today in the mail. The packaging was disgraceful. It's a miracle its box arrived in one piece. #
  • WD TV2: Give me Hulu, Netflix, Vimeo, accelerated Flash, 1080/60p up to 64mbps for h.264, and an iPhone Remote app, and then we're talking. #
  • Roman Polanski should be extradited to US. Even if he didn't know the true age of the girl, he went on her even if she repeatedly said "no". #


Jim wrote on September 30th, 2009 at 1:24 PM PST:

I agree about Roman Polanski
He had sex with other underage girls including Natassi Kinkski. I think justice has not been served

zima wrote on October 3rd, 2009 at 9:23 AM PST:

I absolutelly agree about Polanski.

And being from Poland…you’re lucky you don’t have to witness the “debate” that erupted here. It’s discusting, moreso because it comes from our supposedly social elite. For example writing about the girl as “victim”, not victim without “”. Even comparing her to prostitute. Consistently using a form of “girl” that is usually applied to later teens and woman around 20. Yes, and the typical “it’s the fault of the victim”. Comparing situation to supposedly routine in Switzerland handing over of Jews to Nazis during WW2.

And all of this just a few days after cheering harsher laws against pedophiles passed by our parliament (as a matter of fact, some celebrities / politicians should now, under new laws, face charges for “promoting good pedophilia”…not that they will). Minister of culture: “another step of US against Poland, like visas or rocket shield” (and he was one of those pushing new anti-pedophile laws)

Just a whole lot of tribal “they beat one of ours!” mindset. Discusting and embarrasing. Good thing I’m basically set on emigrating.

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