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Where to get legally free music

I am spending way too much time hunting down legally free independent alternative rock music, but it’s paying off: I now have about 2,000 such songs in my library. About 50% of them have 3 stars in my iTunes library, 30% have 4 stars, and about 20% have 5 stars. Here’s how I find them: every morning, I visit the following sites to preview their legal, free download collection:

* StereoGum
* Better Propaganda
* AOL Spinner
* FingerTips
* InSound
* KEXP Radio
* PitchFork Tracks
* PitchFork Forkcast
* XL8
* Magnet Magazine
— Not chronologically sorted —
* PureVolume (download from “Pro” artist accounts only)
— Live sessions —
* Daytrotter Sessions
* HearYa Sessions

And then of course, if you would like to go cherry pick the best songs yourself manually, there’s the various artist’s official web sites, and indie labels that usually host loads of mp3s, like SubPop, Vagrant, Matador, Merge, etc etc. And finally, there are the PR companies, like IODA, Beggars, Tool-Shed and many more! Yup, all legal, and most of it, exceptional!

Daily Twitter Update for 2009-09-30

  • Watched Smokin' Aces. Pretty good action flick. #
  • Our order of the special Manuka honey arrived today in the mail. The packaging was disgraceful. It's a miracle its box arrived in one piece. #
  • WD TV2: Give me Hulu, Netflix, Vimeo, accelerated Flash, 1080/60p up to 64mbps for h.264, and an iPhone Remote app, and then we're talking. #
  • Roman Polanski should be extradited to US. Even if he didn't know the true age of the girl, he went on her even if she repeatedly said "no". #