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Daily Twitter Update for 2009-09-27

  • One thing interesting about X-Files (1993-2003) while watching the series in episode order: you can see how cellphones got improved over time! #
  • While shooting the music video this morning over the Cliff House in SF, someone called the cops on us. Supposedly we made too much noise… #
  • My "clean" Vista64 PC with just our editing/PS stuff in it is misbehaving. I think it's the graphics driver. I wish we had XP64 in there. #
  • Just came back from a day’s music video shoot in the City for Andy Kong. Went well.
  • Watched Bangkok Dangerous. Not as bad as people say it is.
  • Dollhouse. The worst show on television. That was painful.
  • I am definitely a geek, and not a nerd.