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Exporting with KDEnLive

The following guide will create for you an h.264/AAC 720p HD file in the MP4 container using KDEnLive. The file will be compatible with Vimeo HD, YouTube HD, the Sony PS3 and the XBOX360 among other devices. And if you modify the exporting method to be PAL, and bitrate at 4000 kbps, then it can be compatible with the AppleTV too. The article assumes you already have installed KDEnLive itself and its dependencies.

First, you need to install the full version of ffmpeg. Ubuntu and most other Linux distros do not include some of the codecs needed, for legal reasons. So, follow the tutorial here and install the full ffmpeg version. I chose the “B” method, which is the most official way of doing things. If you are not running Ubuntu, then you will have to literally hunt online for such an ffmpeg version. Google is your friend.

Then, load KDEnLive and setup the project properties, in a manner similar to the way shown below. You must select the right Profile. There are different profiles for full HD, HDV, 720p, progressive, interlaced etc. You must know what kind of properties your source footage has. If you don’t, you can be assisted by importing one such file on KDEnLive, right clicking on it, selecting “properties” and reading there its actual properties, although that dialog doesn’t give you all the info you need. Long story short, learn how your camera shoots as.

Then, edit as usual, and save often as KDEnLive is not known for its stability.

When you are done with editing, click the big “Render” button in the toolbar, give a name to the file, and make everything else look like this:

Use PAL if your camera is PAL, NTSC if your camera is an NTSC one, or, create a new profile using the + icon on the right if you want to export in 24p. Then, “Render to file”.

Daily Twitter Update for 2009-07-06

  • @slewis Don't ask such questions on twitter when there's google and wikipedia. Twitter is not made for such Q&As. Yes, I know the answer. 😛 in reply to slewis #
  • @thomholwerda He might have found a lady… 🙂 in reply to thomholwerda #
  • @cyndeepaulson "She" is a spammer. Not sure why you follow Budske. It's just a scam to follow their site, like so many others on Twitter. in reply to cyndeepaulson #
  • "Roasting" a corn hen on a covered stockpot, with butter, beer (or white wine), & lemon. My first ex-mother in law taught me this recipe. #
  • Freaking #Songbird. Its iPod addon copies some of the songs TWICE to my iPod Mini. Playback quality is lower than iTunes too (low mixing). #
  • I just bought everything ever was released by the Arcade Fire. #
  • @jbqueru Well then. I guess that makes easier for us to split the music we own when we divorce. in reply to jbqueru #
  • @CocoaGeek I do them all the time, many different kinds. Very nice! in reply to CocoaGeek #
  • Used the grill today again and grilled some cheese & wine sausages, they were really good. I wish we had that grill years ago. #
  • @mr_Pinkeyes For a newcomer, probably the Crash Moderns, or Seabird. in reply to mr_Pinkeyes #
  • @thomholwerda You should have given him a collar btw. For all we know, an old lady might have given him a home thinking he was alone! in reply to thomholwerda #
  • @thomholwerda I wonder if he's not dead or lost, but someone abducted him for experiments. That would be even more awful. I hope he come … in reply to thomholwerda #
  • Episodic scifi, shot without any tech element: This is where TV is going: cheap. #

Questfest at DVXUser

The current film competition at DVXUser is QuestFest. As always, the most-used consumer camera in the competition was the HV20/30 again. It illustrates how popular the HV cameras are with people directly involved (or want to be involved) in filmmaking. This year there were also some 5D-MII and D90 entries too. I watched their DSLR and HV20/30-shot movies tonight (not the rest though), and here’s my report:

The best HV20/30 movie in the competition is probably the scifi short “Mahlen“. It has good cinematography, story and even special effects, but it also has over-acting and bad editing (a lot of the smoochy dialog needed to be chopped off). It was shot using a Twoneil 35mm adapter.

Then, there’s Solomon Chase’s “Nightlight“. It has beautiful cinematography, pace and story. It has no dialog. It was shot with a Panasonic GH1 DSLR. Solomon is the same guy who did the uber-popular “Rainy Day” HV20 video back in the day. That video that made a lot of people buy the HV cameras back then, it really helped the explosive success of the camera line.

Update: Solomon’s short movie won FIRST place! View it in HD here.