Daily Twitter Update for 2009-07-03

  • @jbqueru shaved his beard tonight after 13 years, I couldn't recognize him. I had NEVER seen my husband without a beard before. He scared me #
  • @slewis I hate Flash sites too, all the bands are using it, and it pisses me off. Flash should be used only when it makes sense. in reply to slewis #
  • @jonobacon Jono, 2.39 MB is 2,509,000 bytes. Is that acceptable for the ubuntu video competition? Or is it per byte I need to count? in reply to jonobacon #
  • @jbqueru I hope it involves sushi. in reply to jbqueru #
  • Just installed the Facebook IM protocol plugin on my Pidgin installation. I don't really use facebook much though. #
  • @dalasv This guy ain't happy about the vimeo changes http://twitter.com/reubal #
  • @dalasv This guy ain't happy http://twitter.com/reubal #
  • @reubal more discussion here http://bit.ly/qJOMC
    @slewis I don't like it much either. in reply to reubal #
  • I just heard Whitney Houston's brand new song. It's a very old fashioned '80s song. This is not the kind of comeback she needed. #
  • @thomholwerda The Acer Aspire One can playback youtube videos just fine, as long as you don't run in flash storage. It can barely manage HD. in reply to thomholwerda #
  • @Kroc We keep talking with Adam/Thom about theora/flash btw, but you need to follow me for these replies to be visible to you. in reply to Kroc #
  • @thomholwerda In many ways, it's the Netscape plugin model to blame, not Adobe. Other *third party* plugins have the same problems. in reply to thomholwerda #
  • @thomholwerda Yes, Flash is not fully accelerated because it has to go through the browser's pipeline, there's no way around it for plugins. in reply to thomholwerda #
  • @thomholwerda It works well enough for me for VIDEO, thank you. I hate Flash sites too, but its video support works fine. in reply to thomholwerda #
  • @sethadam1 Theora can not surpass h.264. At least not without by walking on patents. in reply to sethadam1 #
  • @sethadam1 Stop calling me shortsighted. Theora is simply NOT a good codec, it has architectural problems. It can't be optimized a lot. in reply to sethadam1 #
  • @sethadam1 I have nothing against the <video> element, my problem is with Theora being inferior to h.264. in reply to sethadam1 #
  • @Kroc I have no problem with Flash, why would I? It works just fine. As for <video> doing more, it remains to be seen. in reply to Kroc #
  • @Kroc The whole HTML5 video thing is mostly webmastering masturbation, nothing to do with videography. in reply to Kroc #
  • @Kroc As a videographer, I don't see what more I get than with Flash with its recent h.264 support, sorry. in reply to Kroc #
  • @Kroc Theora and BBC's codec simply say "we don't know if we step on patents". But really, the field is a minefield. in reply to Kroc #
  • @Kroc I am afraid if you want to be realistic, you can't innovate in video encoding now, it's full of patents. Theora is not patent-free. in reply to Kroc #
  • @Kroc It's irrelevant for those who don't care about video. For real videographers is relevant cause they don't want to see footage suck. in reply to Kroc #
  • @Kroc h.264 _is_ better than Theora. I tried last night the much-hyped "optimized" version of Theora, it's still way worse than h.264. in reply to Kroc #
  • So, this is going to be my entry for the #Ubuntu video competition: http://vimeo.com/5420428 Now, I have to figure out Ogg Theora @jonobacon #

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