Daily Twitter Update for 2009-06-27

  • RT Mythbuster's Adam @donttrythis I believe the RIAA to be a bunch of venal idiots. I don't think much of the MPAA either for that matter. #
  • Thank you @marilynroxie for the @MalbecTheBand mention on your music article: http://is.gd/1flJ3 #
  • @slewis Just make sure the eggs are not off date. in reply to slewis #
  • @slewis Yes, if it's mixed with other things, it's ok. in reply to slewis #
  • My Acer Aspire One's battery is dead. Li-ion batteries die if you completely discharge them (I hadn't use that laptop for 6 months you see). #
  • Maybe I'd do another clafoutis tonight again… I am addicted to that, and sushi. I need rehab. #
  • Washing dishes and clothes, cooking roasted chicken tonight. Maybe a movie afterward. #
  • "UK is Europe's largest cocaine market – with more than one million regular users", says UN. This is just crazy. Where are the family values #
  • @Speakerbomb Enjoying the country side I take? in reply to Speakerbomb #
  • @thomholwerda This is why I moved to the OSNews server, because of shit like that going on all the time at Blogsome. in reply to thomholwerda #
  • Whoa! I just learned that my brother in law's gf's father had the French long jump record and competed in the Olympics! I will ask for info. #
  • All it takes is the death of a celebrity to calm down political discussion on Twitter and elsewhere. How easily can people be manipulated. #
  • @JHusker Yeah, I meant the HV40 earlier, not the HV20. Go for the HV40, yeah. in reply to JHusker #
  • @JHusker Yeah, and HV20 has more hardware features, including a FULL advanced shoe. Also, it has TRUE 24p, unlike HF-S100 that has PF24. in reply to JHusker #
  • @TimCh3st3r Are the mp3 downloads featured on NME legal? I would like to link a few, you see. #
  • Twitter fixed their bottleneck with the searches, which had Twitter crashing almost daily. It now indeed feels faster. #

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