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Malbec, live

I had a great time at Cafe du Nord tonight, watching the Malbec live giving a great show. A very energetic band with melodic songs. I chickened out at the Cafe’s rules to not use a real camera but only cellphones, so I had to use JBQ’s Android phone to capture the following pictures and video. It was great meeting for real and talking to Mark, Malbec’s drummer — and also a great HV20/HVX200 filmmaker. Download Malbec’s latest EPs for free.

View official music video for this song

The Malbec were great, so were the local Loquat. Their singer sure can sing loud. I was positively surprised to see Loquat using two HV20 videos (downloaded from Vimeo) through a projector. Nice to see that our little community’s hobby proves useful to some people out there. I won’t say whose videos they used, I’ll keep that a secret.