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Digest: Week 1 on Twitter

Here’s a selection of the kind of things I talked about on my Twitter page this week. Not sure if I will continue with these digests on my blog, probably not.

1. Just finished going through ~400 songs (free mp3 downloads) at Only about 30 were “good”, and only 3 of them were “very good”. 2 of them I had already bought on iTunes.

5. My mom is lonely and unhappy atm. I wish I was in Greece to comfort her. My brother’s family doesn’t seem to understand her.

6. A nice, and free, legal #mp3 of the day, by the ‘Free Energy’:

7. I can’t play my beloved LTris anymore on Ubuntu. The game doesn’t clean up itself while exiting at the new Jaunty 9.04 Ubuntu version.

8. TETRO is Francis Ford Coppola’s new movie. It has almost no shallow DoF:

9. Check out this very nice punk-rock band, named Daddysmilk. They have 8 mp3s for free download here:

11. I loved Steve Martin’s bluegrass song “Pretty Flowers” last night on American Idol, so this morning I bought the song on iTunes

13. My father’s name day was recently. He killed, skinned & roasted a goat for him & his friends to celebrate. I miss my family in Greece. AARRG

15. The Nokia E75 just arrived in da house. Pretty good business phone!

16. @wiretreetheband Great free song to download, thanks! I’ve been waiting for your new stuff!

18. The Canon HV20 was used as a secondary/test camera for Blitzen Trapper’s new music video. You can catch glimpses of it at

19. A very interesting interview about where the music industry was, is, going to be and what that means for rock bands:

20. Period pain… actually hurts. You heard it first here. Argh…

24. Some say that Arkansas pulled 38m out of the ~90m votes on American Idol, even if it only has 3 million inhabitants. Hence Kris’ unfair win.

26. During AmericanIdol, a long Transformers trailer was shown. It featured the best color grading I ever saw on a movie. Looked super in HD.

28. Adam Lambert should have won, end of story. Either Americans are idiots, or the show rigged the results. Either is disheartening.

30. My birthday is growing closer. I want a sushi lunch, a sushi dinner, and the Star Trek movie in between. But JBQ objects to too much sushi.

32. Reviews to write for this coming week: A Sandisk mp3 player (my blog), the Nokia E75 smartphone (OSNews), and Vegas Professional 9 (OSNews).

33. Legal settlements are about money. Not when the FSF is involved. With the FSF, it’s all about power clinging! God save us!

34. ‘Eleventh Hour’, a TV show with GOOD ratings, canceled. Why? Because most of its viewership were old people, so the ads were not paying out.

35. Why a [futuristic] society where institutions raise all people’s children won’t be possible:

36. Woohoo! It’s LunDuke vs LinuxHater! Battle it out to the death! Read at and

38. I am currently listening Josiah Leming’s beautiful songs: Why is his full album not out yet? I’ve been waiting months now!

42. Good, free, legal music by Miike Snow. Get: Animal, It Don’t Move Me, Burial (DJ Mehdi Remix) at

46. Prepared a smoothie with strawberries, blackberries, orange juice & kiwis. The kiwis were not done, so I added honey. It came out terrible.

48. A “LOST” dispute on IM earlier: He called me “crazy Greek”, opinionated. I called him an idiot. Now I remember why we split up 12 years ago.

51. Just upgraded my Windows Live Mail version. The installer failed the first time! Way to continue the legacy of bugs with Live Mail.

52. I updated my PF24 pulldown-removal tutorials with a new, smaller, and easier method. AVCHD: – HDV:

53. Spent $80 on iTunes yesterday: Disturbed, Rise Ag., Keane, AFI, Atreyu, Avenged S., Breaking Ben., Cage the El., Framing Han.,Jimmy EW, etc.

54. The ‘Sarah Connor’s Chronicles’ show got canceled. Good riddance. It wasn’t a great show. Dollhouse sucks as much btw.

58. I don’t really get Twitter, I am old school. But my hubby registered, so I had to, too. Hopefully I’ll get it soon. Have faith in me.