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Lost: the Incident

The last “Lost” episode of the season was last night, which I watched on my DVR this morning as I am still so jet-lagged since our return from Europe, that I didn’t have the strength to watch it live. The finale was good, but it wasn’t super. Nevertheless, it was definitely better than any other Lost episode this year, and better than any other show on TV in general. Spoilers following.

I think it’s clear right now that the Lost grand story is nothing but a “game” between two ancient, omnipotent but equally strong forces: a benevolent and an evil one. Possibly Osiris and Anubis, or Jacob and Esau, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that through the eons they attract certain people to the island to play their game. The humans are pawns. As Jacob said, there’s only one end to the game, but each time new blood arrives to the island, there’s progress.

Other things we learned: the uber-sexy Richard was made ageless by Jacob, after he arrived with the Black Rock slave ship (although we kind of knew that given the clothes he wore when he meets young Ben in season 3).

For me, the worst part of the finale was the Bernard/Rose scene, which felt like a throwback to all of us who have been asking where they went for the whole season. It was a cheesy scene, and a very unbelievable one too. Either the Dharma or the Hostiles would have found them in 3 years time in that easy to reach cabin. Totally an illogical scene. Bernard/Rose *and* a few more 815 survivors should have simply be part of the Hostiles by now, that would have been a much more natural happening. Either that, or they should have been hiding in the caves, definitely not in that cabin in plain sight.

One more unbelievable point is having the Dharma village built on top of a huge ancient Egyptian temple and never taking notice. That was some stupid writing.

As for what’s going to happen, I think that the “incident” happening will result in our heroes moving forward in time (the ones around the Swan station, so possibly it won’t happen for Rose/Bernard). The fade to white (instead of the usual black), it’s a hint of the heroes jumping back to their regular time. And the detonation of the bomb always happened, Jack didn’t change a thing (the closed captions on TV mentioned the explosion, for those who aren’t sure if it took place). They will end up in 2008 or something, at the same time as everyone else, to take part at the story’s last act. We have enough hints that the nuclear detonation always happened, because of the big cement wall in the Swan, the Hazmat suits, the radiation-affected pregnancies.

This all sounds good, but I feel that having the heroes spending a whole season in the Dharma time just to get back to present time didn’t serve the grand story of Lost. I mean, we just had some people going back to the ’70s, and then coming back. They didn’t change anything that didn’t already happen and we couldn’t have watched via flashbacks. Except some character evolution (namely Sawyer’s), the whole “travel back in time” served no purpose in the grand scheme of things. And I am pretty sure we will never learn why the island pulled Jack/Kate/Sayid/Hurley back in time either — other than just to be able to do some episodes for the sake of making some episodes. The overall mythology/timeline was not affected, so having watched season 5, I feel a bit cheated. Sure, it’s cool to see the Dharma world, but not at the expense of a storyline that doesn’t feel negated at the very end.

Having said all that, Lost remains the best of the best on TV right now. I was watching “24” on the DVR the other night, and was having iTunes loaded too checking out some songs. JBQ, who was sitting next to me, made the sarcastic remark “oh, I see you enjoy that show a lot, you can’t take your eyes away”.