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Random Stuff, Part 32

* We had an amazing time in Greece in the past week. I stayed home to see my family while JBQ and his parents visited in the meantime several places, like Corfu and Meteora.

* My health was better while I was in Greece. It’s a bit curious, really, since my health problem started a few months after I moved to the US in 2001. Might have something to do with the climate, or water, or kind of food I eat here.

* My little niece is amazingly beautiful and smart. She’s a real jewel.

* In Greece, we usually say to little kids things like “one day, you will become a doctor”, or, “when you grow up, you will become a scientist”. The first thing that came into my mind and told my niece was “when you grow up, you will become an astrophysicist and you will be the first to find the aliens”. My brother, who was sitting close by and heard me, gave me a funny face, and said: “why? did someone lose them?”

* After 18 hours sitting on a plane on Sunday, I have many suggestions on how to improve the seats. From entertainment, to foot rests. Yup.

* I brought my brother an older IBM laptop of mine, with Ubuntu in it (fully supported). Every 3 hours he would come down stairs to tell me “let’s go put Windows in it” — which I declined every time. He would have roadblocks every step of the way, especially with ext3 filesystems on USB sticks that required to use the terminal to chmod the files in them in order to read/write. Or that some USB mass storage devices wouldn’t be FAT32-formatted by GParted without first be unmounted. Or that some umounted devices would remain on the Desktop with an icon as if they were still mounted. Not to mention the bugs Handbrake had because of the stripped down and old version of ffmpeg that exists in the Ubuntu repos. Other problems he had included the ZIP functionality of distros not supporting multi-part zip files that he had around. Another gripe he had was that not ALL system applications work with Ubuntu’s “remember the root password for X minutes”, and so he had to re-enter the password over and over again, to the point that pissed him off. To his credit, he managed to make the fingerprinting functionality work all by himself. Despite this, I imagine that he put Windows XP in there after I left.

* The third episode of Condition:Human. Great visuals, as always.